New transport company proposed

Tuesday, December 02, 2008
By Atif Nadeem (writing in The News)


THE Provincial Transport Authority (PTA) has proposed establishment of a new transport company “Lahore Transport Company” (LTC), to tackle various issues regarding public transport in the city.

Talking to The News, sources said Chief Minister Task Force on Improvement of Transportation Chairman Tasnim Noorani on Monday chaired a meeting of PTA officers and office-bearers of the Urban Transport Union. Transport Department Secretary Shehzad Cheema, the additional secretary and traffic planning chief were also present.

The meeting discussed various matters, including reduction in fares of public transport. Sources said the idea of establishment of Lahore Transport Company (LTC) was discussed with the transport owners which would be run with the cooperation of the transport unions in the city.

The propose LTC will issue guidelines for the transport unions and all the unions would provide finances for the company besides controlling public transport routes and issue of reduction and increase in the fares of public transport vehicles while keeping in mind the prices of diesel in the country. Sources said the company would be headed by a chief executive and there was a possibility that the provincial government would appoint a retired army serviceman for this job. There will also be four directors, who would work on monitoring, enforcement, operation and other sides of the company. There would also be included representatives of other stakeholders, including the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and the city administration, in the company.

Sources also revealed that under the LTC all the public transport would be run on the city roads in the same pattern instead of different patterns. They said that there was a dire need to set up any such company which could address issues of transportation in the city. They said that after finalisation of the proposal, the PTA would send a summary to the chief minister for approval of establishment of the LTC. The transport owners rejected the idea of reducing fares of public transport after Rs 5 cut in the price of per litre diesel by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Monday.

2 responses to “New transport company proposed

  1. Hurray!
    Finally. Someone high up will be looking after the interets of the public instead of squeezing them dry.
    LTC would mean some colour of busses. Probably gas engines too. It would also mean quick trickle down effect of lowered fuel prices. World’s most energy efficient busses should be imported and run in Lahore.

  2. As far as I know, there are plans to purchase a whole bunch of CNG buses from India. Hope this makes it into their meeting minutes 🙂

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