Christmas celebrations resonate throughout city

* Sale of Christmas cakes go up as bakeries struggle to meet demand
* Hotels, restaurants decorate Christmas trees, celebrate the festivity with fervour

Daily Times |Report

LAHORE: Christmas celebrations climaxed on the Christmas eve (December 24) as various festive parties, galas and midnight church services were held throughout the city.

Midnight church services were held in all major churches to welcome the festivity. Many people arranged residential parties and choirs resonated throughout the city churches.

Christian families remained busy throughout the day preparing festive food items and ornated homes with Christmas decoration. People bought pudding, rich plum cakes, hunter beef and dry fruits, storekeepers told Daily Times.

Several large stores and hotels erected meticulously decorated Christmas trees to celebrate the event, whereas many restaurants were booked for Christmas dinner.

Hebron Gill, Baptise preacher working for Churches in Dubai, told Daily Times that Christmas was a time to commemorate the nativity of Christ to revive catholic belief. “Two thousand years ago, a saviour was born for us in a manger. Three wise men led by a star reached his birthplace and presented homage and gifts,” he said.

“This historic event is the foundation of the Christian faith that is marked and celebrated on Christmas,” he added. He further said that Christmas gave the message of humility and of looking after the poor and needy.

Bakers across the city worked overtime to meet the superfluous demands of variety of Christmas cakes, said the manager of a large bakery chain in Gulberg. Varieties of cakes such as plum, chocolate and fruit are very popular, he added.

Sumaira, a student, said that she started off her Christmas by praying at the Church. The Christian community would pray for the peace and prosperity of Pakistan, she said, adding that the joys and festivity of Christmas are rejuvenated following the winter holidays and the upcoming new year.

Christmas brought peace and happiness for all the people, said Asif Aqeel, Community Development Initiative (CDI) Director. We pray for our country, humanity and peace. It is the time to remember Jesus Christ and pledge for peace to spread to the entire humanity, he added.


One response to “Christmas celebrations resonate throughout city

  1. I wonder why don’t we celebrate this occasion with the same fervour as shown on bassant and now devali? to me it is another reason for going to a bakery to get some cream rolls, cakes, paitha/dal/gajar halwas.

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