First ever Critical Mass event in Lahore


Be Part of the First Ever
Critical Mass Event in Lahore
10am Sunday 28 December 2008
Starting from the Zakir Tikka intersection
Sarwar Road, Lahore Cantonment
(Route maps will be available at the venue; the Event should last no more than 1 hour 30 minutes)

What is Critical Mass?
Critical Mass is not an organization.  It is an idea.  There is no hierarchy in Critical Mass.  The “’disorganized’ nature of the event allows it to largely escape clampdown by authorities who may view the rides as forms of parades or organized protest” (Wikipedia).  In order for a Critical Mass event to function, the only requirement is a sufficient turn-out to create a “critical mass” of riders dense enough to occupy a piece of road to the exclusion of drivers of motorized vehicles, pedestrians, and other road users

The term Critical Mass was coined from a documentary about bicycling in China where bicyclists achieve “critical mass” in order to enter intersections otherwise dominated by motorized traffic.

Everyone in Lahore knows how bad the traffic is.  Critical Mass Lahore is the first step in taking our streets back.

What do I need to participate in a Critical Mass Event?
Nothing but a road-worthy cycle and a sense of fun and adventure.

Where else do Critical Mass Events take place?
Critical Mass events are typically held on the last Friday of the month in over 200 cities around the world.  Get more info on Critical Mass worldwide at  For information about Critical Mass Lahore, come to Zakir Tikka at 10am on Sunday 28 December 2008.

2 responses to “First ever Critical Mass event in Lahore


    it is good to know abt it

  2. The ride last week was wonderful. Lahore is a beautiful place to cycle. Too bad so many drivers haven’t experienced it.

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