Lahore Canal to developed into a picnic spot?!

Lahore Branch Canal

Lahore Branch Canal

LAHORE: The Punjab Irrigation Department will rebuild the Lahore Branch Canal (LBC) in coordination with the Parks & Horticulture Authority (PHA) to promote the canal as a picnic spot.The project aims at adding to the natural scenic beauty of the canal, said Senior Minister Raja Riaz Ahmad while inspecting the desilting of Lahore Branch Canal. Secretary Irrigation Babur Bharwana, Chief Engineer Irrigation Lahore Zone Waqar Ahmad and other concerned officials of the Irrigation Department were also present on the occasion who apprised the senior minister about the pace of desilting works.

Senior Minister Raja Riaz ordered the department officials to ensure timely completion of desilting operations, saying that apart from being an essential part of Lahore’s natural beauty, the Lahore Canal running through the city is also a picnic spot. People have been doing morning walk on its banks for the last several decades. Therefore, it should be further developed. The Punjab Irrigation Department will complete the desilting work of LBC by January 22 while overall desilting campaign is expected to be completed by January 31, the senior minister was informed.

Colors of autumn by Naeem Rashid

Colors of autumn by Naeem Rashid

Courtesy: The Post, 14th January, 2009

10 responses to “Lahore Canal to developed into a picnic spot?!

  1. A picnic spot surrounded by the fast and huge traffic?

  2. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa

    Lahore canal can be coverted into longest of the park, there is ample space on both sides of the canal right from Jallo to Thokar.
    With this new scheme of beautification I hope the Govt. has shelved the canal road widening plan for good.
    Hopefully plans will be strictly “adding to natural scenic beauty” and not just be confined to illumination and and installation of expensive fountains.

  3. I agree with Aqeel and Bajwa.

    Traffic need is real and widening is the only solution.

    Wasting on lights and fountains should be stopped.

  4. It would probably make more sense to use that space for slow moving traffic such as bicycles, tongas, etc. at the same time keeping them away from the main roads, while widening the driving lanes. Of course, making the canal look better would be no crime against nature either. It doesn’t have to be an either or situation.

  5. I have always loved the Lahore canal. I remember when the traffic around it was not so crazy. I liked to stop by the fruit stalls along the canal, especially in the summer when they were selling jaman. Alas, the last time I was in Lahore, the summer was too hot and the traffic was a nightmare, even with the seven or so underpasses on the canal. I’d say that along with beautifying the canal, they should also do something about the traffic. What happened to the plans for a light rail transit in Lahore?

  6. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa

    I am not for widening of the canal road. Widening alone does not solve the traffic problem. Our city managers should follow what Enrique Penalosa, ex mayor of Bogota, did. (Rapid bus transport, pedestrian zones, bicycle lanes and public parks.)

  7. Canal and the areas beside all the way was definitely peaceful. Lets keep it that way.

  8. u are said the right thing, but the point is, is anyone listening?

  9. Take care of our moral values n our nation Pakistan.

  10. Lahore canal could also be used for Navigation, like in Europe, yatches and boats are there for passengers. In this way traffic burdon will reduce But canal is used for recreation in summer as people take bath, for that there should be fixed spots where they could enjoy not every where, as they also cause hinderence to nonstop traffic on canal bank road.

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