Basant remains a controversy

Two reports that say a lot on the current controversy on basant.

Taseer says he’ll celebrate Basant
Monday, February 16, 2009

PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer has said that we still have not come to the conclusion that what kind of Pakistan we want, adding that we can materialise the dreams of our forefathers only if we follow thoughts and teachings of teachers like MD Taseer.

He was talking to journalists after the launching ceremony of two books of by his father Dr MD Taseer, the renowned educationist and the frontline figure of the progressive writers’ movement at the Governor’s House on Sunday.

The governor said the articles written by his father long time ago were still valid, adding that we needed to determine our course in the light of the guidance provided by intellectuals, teachers and the leaders of the early years of Pakistan. He said we had the legacy of the giants like MD Taseer who had a clear vision of a progressive and great country in their minds.

Mr Salman Taseer said Basant was an integral part of Punjab’s culture and it should be celebrated as a big cultural event, therefore, he would not only celebrate Basant himself but, would also open gates of the Governor’s House for people for celebrations.

Denying the reports on the conspiracies being hatched in the Governor’ House, he said the house was open for people and everybody was welcomed there. He said many culture events were being organised in the Governor’s House.

Earlier, the Academy of letters chairman, which published the recent books of Dr MD Taseer, titled ‘Articles of MD Taseer,’ and ‘Dr MD Taseer: Shukhsiyat Aur Funn,’ said that the academy had planned many radical programmes to promote literature and it had already published the history of art from 1947 to 1995 and was publishing the works the iconic national figures like M.D. Taseer. He said the Academy of Letters was established on the suggestion of Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

Salima Hashmi, Dr Mehdi Hassan, Hameed Akhtar, I.A.Rehman, Dr Anwar Ahmad and Asghar Nadeem Syed also spoke on the occasion while Shujaat Hashmi read out the poetry of Dr MD Taseer.

Meanwhile, the Shabab-e-Milli, Lahore, has criticised Punjab Governor Salman Taseer for his statement regarding Basant.

In a press statement issued on Sunday, the organisation’ Lahore president Ahmed Salman Baloch and other office-bearers condemned the governor, saying he (governor) was becoming an “initiator of liberalism.” “We will besiege the Governor’s House,” they warned, saying Basant was not festival of Lahorites as claimed by Salman Taseer. “Basant is un-Islamic and a festival of Hindus,” they added, demanding the government not to allow Basant in best interests of people.

Daily Times report:

Taseer for Basant minus chemical string

LAHORE: Governor Salmaan Taseer said on Saturday the residents of Lahore wanted to celebrate Basant, as it was an occasion of happiness. He said nobody had the right to deprive others of happiness. He said the use of chemical string for kite-flying could not be allowed, adding that the government should control the preparation and sale of metallic string. Earlier, on February 4, some citizens had openly defied the ban on kite-flying. The citizens have repeatedly criticised the Punjab government for making plans to restrict the festival to the Walled City. staff report

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  1. I am in the string favour if basant. I think by imposing strict rules and a monitoring system to minimize any mishaps, the government can easily ensure a safe badany festival. It’s not fair to not allow lahorites of this great day of fun. And whoever thinks that it is a Hindu festival should do some reading on history and culture. Best wishes to everyone

  2. I want to celebrate Basant. We should take it as a healthy activity. Police should arrest those people who use to do firing and use dangerouse material.

  3. There is nothing unislamic about flying kites. Hindus also use salt in their food and drink water. Should we give that up as well?

    This part of the article amazes me: “PUNJAB Governor Salman Taseer has said that we still have not come to the conclusion that what kind of Pakistan we want”.

    It makes me sad and angry that we are such a confused and lost bunch of morons that we are still trying to figure out who we are and what we want. It doesn’t even matter anymore. Just shut the fuck up and do something. Put your heart and soul into it and do something! Anything! Just know your rights and wrongs, wherever you happen to draw the line, and just do something to make your life, the lives of your children and if you have time and interest the lives of your fellowmen better.

    You know what, I have been very very scared for a while now that Afghanistan’s present is Pakistan’s future and with every passing day that fear is becoming a reality. These freaks will take over the rest of Pakistan while the rest of us will keep holding press conferences trying to figure out what kind of Pakistan we want.

    Jinnah is dead! So is Bhutto, Taseer and anyone else you deem important enough to mention. Stop talking about their ideals and being remorseful for your own lack of action.

  4. It is true that we have still not figured out an identity for ourselves. Do we look back to Mughal India or Muhammad Bin Qasim? Mr Asad is very right, but the problem is that moderates lack the guts to take action. They would keep denying harsh realities until it is too late.

  5. will someone tell me, when is basant? any tentative date? i have to come from uae, plz let me know

  6. i read a news from stupid basant organizing comittee chairman that there will be no basant on March 1, 2009 and govt will announce it soon cause of some extremist organizations, what is this?
    are we afraid of these extremists? they dont know the abc of ISLAM and are adding bad name to ISLAM and for the muslims all over the world, i cant understand that why govt is so afraid of them that they have cancelled such a colorful event, i am against thick n chemical threads, they shouldnt be allowed.
    pakistan aheading for talibanization?

  7. “Basant is un-Islamic and a festival of Hindus,” .

    How a spring celebration can be said to have a religious identity is hard to figure out. And is the objection only to flying kites on Basant day or to kite flying in general?

    Whatever the case,Lahore’s loss is fast turning into India’s gain.The tourists are flocking to Ahemdabad and other cities for the experience of kite flying.

    And the kite flying fanatics in Indian Punjab are going great guns as usual.There are many deaths there too(mostly kids falling off roofs etc).When I last visited Amritsar the deadly glass coated Manja was still being used, so that is something the government needs to look into here too but hopefully no bans.
    Have great besant day.

  8. how can u say dolly its unislamic festival kite flying is a nt unislamic ok? be remember.
    we have just give a name to fite flying as a basant so inshallah here will be basant in lahore in 28th frb and 1st march 2009

  9. ali yeh dolly kaun hai? 😀

  10. it is not a hindu festival, otherwise we have all the hindu things, even our marriages in pakistan are like that, we have lived for centuries together thats why many things are same. when is the date for basant, i need to get a seat to come there from UAE, has the govt given permission for it on feb28 & march1?

  11. The purpose of religion – any religion – has been lost, long lost. All around the world it is used to gain power. No more has it got anything to do with spirituality. Its shameful … for all of us.

  12. These words for those who are against the basant,
    socalled molvies are against the basant but when we observe the actual life style then we hate them.these people rap the girls and boys in their maddressand enjoy every comfort of life.
    in sawat in recent days two girls (14 and 21 years old) were raped and were killed by the molvies and when media raise this issue then they put the allegation of prostitution on them.
    these type of people always condemn those things where they can not get any benefit. actually they want to become famous.
    secondly, some selfish people introduse the strong string which are so powerful that we can not imagine.this thing destroy the kite flying.
    on basant people for showing their power do firing and use latest weapons.government can do many things and arrest these type of people easily and i am sure in this way police can get a large amount of prohibited weapons but mostly police provide cover these type of people.
    thirdly,now these days for celeberating basant,a new class of people has come in to the ground,this class only want triple D ( Dancing, Drugs and drinks) and this class enjoy mujra and other things like ———. this class destroy this festival.
    people should adopt precautionery measures during these days.
    unemployment is th big factor in this regard.
    thanks and have a nice day for every one.

  13. i m in favour of Governor Punjab Salman Taseer in this issue last year lahories had not celebrate basant and now i think ban should be uplift for 1 week if not then must allow for 2 days , punjab Government says this is a hindu custom and tradition then i must request to CHIEF MINISTER PUNJA ( SHAHBAZ SHARIF) APPLY SHARIAT IN PUNJAB .


  14. hey why was not my comment carried

  15. I am from amritsar in india the border city with lahore and feel pained to see politics of the religious kind on the beautiful festival of basant .
    basant was celebrated as a festival of punjabis of punjabi culture in both east and west punjab even before partition .
    Now the hukmarans of releigous fanatics want to impose their will on the people and declare that it be banned .
    basant festival denotes only pure and pakeeza merriment …but this is not easily digested by those who call themselves the rakwalas of religon —the self proclaimed protectors of islam who try to police every one by the religious lashes …they only want to show off their power .
    inka bas chaley toh yeh sari khushion ko insaan ki zindagi se bahar nikal fenke…and tell insaan to be only confined to their houses for the rest of their lives and come out only when they are called to fight some war or another which has no meaning or focus or truth or aim other than to make seats for them in the powerful political positions . i agree with khuraram shah that if basant be banned then talibans should be invited to take over the hukumat in lahore ….shaariat shd b imposed .
    it is so amazing to note that the celebrations of basant when i visited lahore were so wondersome that even foreigners wanted to visit lahore at basant time while in amritsar which is the twin city of lahore the festival hardly gathers such interest compared to the craze in Lahore …cos basant denotes the arrival of spring, of new flowers , greenry, of growth ,of progress and prosperity and has no affaliations as such with any religion but with the people of the two punjabs who have been cruelly separated in the PARTITION OF 1947

  16. hi…
    basant should be celeberated…for everyone’s information…its is not hindu’s festival or anything…its a SPORTS….just like cricket,hockey,tennis etc… kite flying is done globally.
    Meanwhile, the Shabab-e-Milli, Lahore – these MOUVLI’S r retarted…i wish i could kill these bastar** . these mullah r uneducated..and they just want to impose what they feel is right. they have already ruined our beloved country…these retarted with 1feet long beard r all bunch of terrorists..and should be hanged…guess what now..they want to take the freedom from us…we cant enjoy any festivals…who r they to tell us what to do..
    note for these mullah –
    ‘pehla apna app sawaroo, phir kisi ko sahi rasta par lao’

  17. i totally agree with ahmad, these illetrate molvees has destroyed ISLAM so much, everywhere people think we are extremists and terrorists, they dont know what is ISLAM, ISLAM is a very balanced religion. If we want to save our religion we should eliminate all these so calld molvees and taalibaan from us. I am totally in favour of BASANT, such a colorful event and so famous all around the world, i dont know what is wrong with govt, now u will see this basant will be sacrificed as Governor has said in favour of it and now govt will never lift the ban and we all will not be able to enjoy it 😦 its really sad

  18. I want to celebrate Basant. We should take it as a healthy activity. Police should arrest those people who use to do firing and use dangerouse material.

  19. when is tentative date of basant? are the shops of kites open? i want to come to pakistan for basant, plz let me know, we should all celebrate it and show these molvees and govt that we want it and we will celebrate it in a healthy manner without chemical strings and all bad things including alchol & firing.

  20. hi everyone!
    i am loacted in Vancouver – CANADA. last year when i came to pakistan for basant..guess what people, before you read any further..i just want to let u know its a true story based on me n my brother.

    last year 2008 on basant, we were flying kites at friday nite it was around 10:30pm i believe..we decided to have we drove out to have chicken karahi..i had a few kites in my car..while i was abt to park my car and order the food…the police saw us with kites and they just rushed inn..and open our car door..and took out the kites..and put me n my borther in their police dala…and took us to the police station ‘thanna’. we were there for few hrs. they search us..misbehaved with us..and took our vallets & cell phones. luckly i had 2 cell the officer who was searching me jus couldnt get through to my deep pockets since i had the handfree…so after i was locked up in the thanna…they put the F.I.R against us within 5 mins..this really tell how efficient our police is!!! anyws i went to the smelly washroom, and send SMS throgh my cell phone to my 2 cosins. that we got caught while we were planning to have do what ever it takes to get us out.
    In that locker where i was locked with aproxx 15more guys..who were locked for differnt other cases…theft,robbery,fight, killings…etc…it was just a nitemare for me n my younger brother..since they filled the FIR against there was no way for us to go home..and the funny part was tht it was weekend..and all the residing judges in the court were on holidays..chilling with thier families…so later we were transfered to the central jail..i wont mention the city for my own reasons. wow..the central jail was old skool..with well over 1000inmates. we meet all sorts of inmates. we became very popular in the jail..since we belong to a good family and got strong ties in police & army…so people in the central jail came to know about it and we got VIP treatment..we spend 3days and 2 nites in a central jail. later we got out. and some of the prisoners thier asked me to stand in the next election. and thier family will vote for us. it was hularios.

    i will just end here..other wise the strory will get too long…i wish one day i can write a book on it…

    so all u basant or kite lovers out there..i dont think anyone is more crazier then us. i still would like to come. i am a lahori and nothing can stop me. i wana come this year for basant too..but aint sure when basant will be celebrated..if anyone got details. dont 4get to mention it.

    if u like my true story..plz do mention it..

  21. Hello ahmad
    Your story is fantastic. You want to return despite the horrible experience. This is what the police do in the name of law enforcement. I would like to post this as an article. Can you expand it and send it to me. I am the editor of lahorenama. Thanks for visiting. Raza

  22. ahmad brother i really feel sorry for what happened and police of ours always get innocent people, i also spent few hours in thana in 2003 on basant just for buying fire works, funny thing is that the guy who sold me those fire works got me out of there alongwith the stuff, but those hours were hell watching poor people got beaten by police, well i m also crazy for basant and this year i also wana come to lahore, currently i am in UAE, please anyone tell me when is the basant?

  23. basant will hold on 28th febuary night and 1st march will b the day…can u tell me the days when shops will open basant will celebrate by us………………what the hell yar we like just 1 thing basant .now which is baned.lets come on make a strike guys …… uplift the ban on basant??????????????

  24. I have only this thing to say that Basant is a part of our culture for so long time and people enjoy everybit of it rich and poor are on the same roof flying kits it also opens gates of other foreigners to come and watch culture of Pakistan.I think it should be celebrated within some particular ranges i think government should arrest manufaturer’s of chemical wire and heavy string which is the sole cause of so many casualties.

  25. Basant should be celebrated at any cost though m living out side of LAHORE but this is the fact that couldnt be denied that this FESTIVAL brings a huge amount of the REVENUE to the GOVT of Punjab as well as to general MAsses.

    So the ban shouldnt be imposed on it and no needd to make political issue of that festival

  26. i prey to mighty Allah that ban on basant should be remove . in the spain the bull ridig bull racing is leagel even thoug i saw nothing dangures sport or festival in my life but they people celebrate their festival even the amount of injury and death rate is obious in that festival . if basant also orgnize with true consent of govrment and so as kite flyers them self i m not gona to use chemical string or any ban thing relating to kite flying if ban remove frome kite flying . so plz my dear govrment i also request u let the basant move on to the billions of roofs plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mua

  27. I request to our Government, plz allow us to celebrate Basant.I love it.

  28. I love Basant. It should be celebrated.

  29. Basant should be celebrated but in limits, no killing.

  30. Hi Raza,
    thank u for taking the time out to read my story! i am greatful that u plan to post an article on it. i really appreciate it. i never thought that an editor will read all this. since u did. i am delighted. i am adding all the details since u have asked for it and hope that it will be done soon. i will notify u.
    thanks usman for reading it;O)

  31. any 1 can give news update for basant 2009?….

  32. Basant iz nize festivel it shud be celebrated ….. police shud arrest people uzing chemical string and doing firing ….

  33. basant should be celebrated! as its the ‘only’ festival that can be celebrated!
    and about the killings and the chemical string.. well it is impossible to control!
    its not fun for the kite flyers to use a normal string.. secondly policemen cannot stand on every resident’s roof tops and look for the ones who r using chemical .. or who are about to fall off from their non protective roofs!
    in events like basant.. and even the religious events like hajj and eid.. accidents do happen.. just open the newspaper right after the chand raat and u can see there r so many motorcycle and car accident news.. this doesnt mean that eid should not be celebrated! while in hajj.. so many accidents r to be heard .. weak hajis getting squished under the processionists(hajis).. getting serious injuries.. breaking bones etc…. but this doesnt mean that hajj should be banned(astaghfaar)!
    thus in events .. accidents deaths do happen!
    and banning doesnt stop this at all! people r crazy and desperate enough to celebrate this unofficially or officialy watever!

    govt only should be giving precautions to ppl.. esp motorists, cyclists and the pedestrians..

  34. basant should be organized in safe and helthy manner

  35. guys i just read that basant was celebrated today in karachi on its beach, just imagine no basant in lahore, hows that possible? even last year there was basant everywhere but nothing in lahore :(, whats the update on basant this year? i want to come to pakistan for basant, what govt says? as i know like last year people will not celebrate basant if govt will not allow 😦

  36. would like to say there are rules for every game so there should be rules for kite flying as well i am not in the favour of killing people i am in london and i want to come lahore just for bassant i love this festival, there is nothing to do with the religon………… people will give u a religious background of basant how this festival started and this is wastage of money and time but how they forget abt mehdi festival in muslims wedding. is it not wastage of money and time or pormoting hindu culture. But they have problem by celebrating basant festival

  37. make a comunity and stike against govt of punjab basant is an nt natiol its international event……. yar it must b e held …..

  38. cheif justice nay he ban lgaya tha na is per aj kis trha rull rha ha koi nai ab hmari govt ki bari ha……………he he he

  39. the relation of the kite flyers with the kites is just as the relation of the blood with humans…….ask them who r celebrating this festival since childhood…..ask them? there was kite flying 12 month a year but now not for 2 dayz why? there is suicide bombings in lahore , no peace nothing and in this situation people want enjoyement by celebrating basant…..instead of giving them permission lahore cm grasp their remaining happiness also.plz allow us to celebrate this festival on 12 april ……..plzzzzzzzzzzz

  40. It was a stupid act by the lahore CM to have a ban on basant ,many familes become unemployed due to this stupid act……………basant was banned due to chemical thread so why not police stop the supply of this thread in the city or stop that factories?why they are punishing the whle city just because of some people?why?why our happyness is grasp from us?

  41. the relation of the kite flyers with the kites is just as the relation of the blood with humans…….ask them who r celebrating this festival since childhood…..ask them? there was kite flying 12 month a year but now not for 2 dayz why? there is suicide bombings in lahore , no peace nothing and in this situation people want enjoyement by celebrating basant…..instead of giving them permission lahore nazim grasp their remaining happiness also.plz allow us to celebrate this festival on 12 april ……..plzzzzzzzzzzz

  42. basant should be lagalized…crack down shoud be stoped from now………

  43. think it should be allow if chemical thread is eliminated …………….nothing filthy in it except chemical humble request to nazim to legalized it.

  44. lahori knows its importace!!!!!!!!

  45. hmm….. actually kite flying is the only way of our fun ..people gather on the roof and fly kite in winter season and there was a roar when some kite was cut…it has many dimensions like ti catch other kites ,to cut other kite,to fly different kites like i tawa,2 tawa,patang many other types and to choose the right thread for your kite so people of lahore knows how important is this game for us.i personally was happy when it was not ban but now….i request nazim to allow it.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  46. agar 2009 main basant na huwi tu pathy chak dawan gaye….

  47. agar 2009 main basant na huwi tu pathy chak dawan gaye….plz plz pl allow us

  48. agar 2009 main basant na huwi tu pathy chak dawan gaye….
    request to cm otherwise we will protest…

  49. i am totally agreed with what fahad says…it should be allow in 2009

  50. shame on the government who is taking our remaining happiness…

  51. tahir jhan malangni

    i want cheif minister to allow it atleast for 2 days….365 main sey do din tu jeeny do zalimoo

  52. i want my precious days back …plz plz plz shabaaz sharif allow us other wise we will go to governer house and support ppp in next election.

  53. i will die soon or leave lahore and pakistan and go to india…shit on government ..plz allow us

  54. plz protest against government who is not allowing us

  55. chado sanu gudian uraan dey oo jaan dey,,,,,

  56. i had always loved basant but some illiterate people had made this beautiful festival to come to an end by aerial firing and using chemical threads , these strings should be stopped and make basant once more joyable.
    on the other hand some islamist scholars say it is unislamic and its a hindu festival. if it is an hindu festival then why is valentine,april fool,father’s,mother’s etc days are being celebrated.
    according to my opinion basant has no relation to religions its a festival of enjoyment ,so plz make basant to be celebrated on between 28th feb to 8th march2009

  57. basant horahi hai 28th feb ko or nahi?

  58. basant honi chahiye 2009..our government should be do for it?

  59. yaar plzzz somebody take stand for basant…..

  60. Dear Sir Sardari, plz allow use to celebrate Basant in Lahore in 2009. Sir last year it was not allowed in Lahore but celebrated in other cities.
    I know that those people are against it who relatives lost their lives but banning on it is not fair. Put a ban on dangerous string not on Basant

  61. Ek hi tau entertainment hai. Uss pe bhi pabandi hai. Yeh tau koi insaf nahin hai. Jo log chemical string use kartey hain ya firing kartey hain unn ko arrest hona chahiye aur unn pe pabandi honi chahiye.

  62. fahad u r right hum phuttay chuk dain gay punjab government hatam kar dain gy………. agar basant na hui thursday ko strike honi chahiyeh for basant on 28th freb…………………………….any 1 with us……………???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  63. waqas bhai
    app tau barray josh mein hain??
    InshaAllah basant ho gi

  64. sir jee last year i came from hague for basant but there was no basant :(, and in the whole pakistan basant was celebrated only lahori’s didnt have the courage to celebrate it, this year i am again coming for basant but it seems its still controversal :(, and i dont have much hope from lahori’s that they will celebrate it against govt

  65. Yaar COmm’on…please allow BASANT..kya bakwas hai yaar..i live in walled city..mochi gate and imagine LIFE without BASANt. Its just like somebody has taken the sould out of body of lahoris….
    oyay SHabaz CM sahab khuda da na hai yaaar…BANNING smthing shows the fauliure of Law enforcement.

  66. yar shehbaz shareef ko us k underware ki kasm do yar shaid man jaye………………oay khuda k banday yeh zulm mat kar yar(F)

  67. mujay nahi pata humey basant ki ijazat do werna hum nahi jiye gey is dunya main humey basant ki ijazat do do do do do yar Allah pak shahbaz sharif k dil main basant ki rehmat dal dey plzzzzzzzzzzz

  68. i m muhammad khalid khan my desire is i make a basant…but this is the way of death..milion people killed in this point of of view…you make a busant

  69. shebaz sharif basant ki ijazat they ga……

  70. shebaz sharif basant banooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  71. I am in favour of basant it is the festival of all lahories n pakistanies.i know the date of basant that
    is 28 of nite and 1 st march day.and who ever says that it is the hindu festival so wat about mehndi and maiuyo these are also hindu festival and these r celebrated many of time in one year and basant is only celebrated once a year

  72. i told u all there is nothing possible till u came out………… yar sub mil k friday ko strike karo mall road bolck karo phr shehbaz kya har koi manay ga yar…………yahan likhnay say koi faida nai ………lets come on if u wanna frankly and open basant so make community and strike against government……………………………………………..

  73. lu ab tu shahbaz sharif uter gya hai ab kon ijazat dey ga basant ki ooooooooooo no very bad

  74. mujhy to lagta hai yeh best chance hai, govt will be busy in their problems and we all can have basant on our own, what do u say lahori’s? but i am afraid now people will start politics and will forget about basant 😦

  75. Dear Sir Salman Tasree,

    U said in your previous statement that you like Basant and you want to celebrate and you want Lahoris to celebrate Basant. Sir I request you that being a Governor of Punjab you have right to announce. Sir plz I beg you to announce it on 28th and 1st March or we can have on 7th and 8th March but Sir this year plz give us Basant.

  76. yes its a best chance to celebrate basant………… usman dont worry people will celebrate basant on 28th febuary

  77. i am totaly against of this event because this is a source of difficuilts for the peolpe . In my opinion it should NOT BE CELEBRATED.

  78. i am totaly against of this event because this is a source of difficuilts for the peolpe . In my opinion it should NOT BE CELEBRATED.’

  79. logon ko kehnay do kehtay hain humay apnay kam say kam rukhna chaiyeh

  80. now it is possible that basant can celebrate

  81. plz jab app log namaz parha kere tu basant k liye pray zaroroor manga kerey Inshalla tala basant ho gi jo log kehtey hai basant nahi honi un ko kehney do kiun k insan ko umeed ka sahara nahi chorna chahiye ok.

  82. Jitna passion aap sab mein hai for Basant uska 1/4th bhi nahin hai in India and yet some insist on calling it a Hindu festival.
    Aap sab lahoris ek ek patang le ke uda do to government kya kar legi.i doubt Lahore has enough policemen to chase each one of you.Aur waise bhi ab they will be busy chasing protestors who are upset about the Sharif saga. 🙂

  83. Farhan Arooj specialist

    Dear all,

    Can we unite? I am not asking like our college strike or adopting any aggressive measures. Its just like showing our government peacefully that we are in favor of basant. As we already know, there is no way, government is going to arrange a referendum to know majorities’ will.

    A simple suggestion, we spend atleast 250 to 600 Rs per person for thread. Isn’t it? I am only talking about majority. Can we buy a yellow flag with kites pictures, (can cost us only 30 Rs) and place it in front of our house, showing that we are in favor of basant and want govt. to allow us to celebrate. I assure you, if we unite, media will start running after us and we will be succeeded.

    Lets come to practical. As I believe, action speaks louder than words.

  84. Farhan Arooj specialist

    I insist government to change labour day (1st of May) with Basant day. I am sure that punjabi labours will be more happy to enjoy basant rather than sitting idle for the day without knowing, whats this day (Ist of May) for. So, no traffic, no accidents, nothing else, just enjoyment.

    Its a celebration in which inferior by social class has the feeling that it can defeat superior (by cutting the kite of superior, rich etc), a medicine for the society to eliminate sense of inferiority in poor and juniors and head towards progress. Therefore, it can be said that social discrimination can be lessened with this kind of celebration.

    You might have witnessed in movies, people always have a good feeling, when lower defeats higher. Its the celebration of practical nature to enhance that feeling in lower class to stand with their head high with high class.

  85. Farhan Arooj specialist

    By replacing labor day by basant day, I mean, no matter if the labor day in the world is celebrated on 1st of May. It can be celebrated in Pakistan on any working day between mid February to mid March as an enjoyment day, basant day.

  86. yar tension na lo basant 28feb or 1st march ki hai.

  87. friday ko shops khul jaye gi.lekin aap k pass license hona chahi hai.which is provided to u by nazam of ur area.

  88. Dear Shoaib,

    Aap ko kaisey yaqeen hai k Friday ko shops khul jayen gi. Kiya yeh confirm hai ?

    Basant 28th Feb aur 1st March ko hai ?

  89. yes thanks GOD congragulations to every1 basant is celebrated in lahore on 1st march 100% sure news on geo tv and jang news………..
    friday say shops open ho rai hain….yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  90. yar jang news main b ha yeh news aur express mai b ha daily times mai b ha …….k kite flying association k general secetary ny kaha hai k hakumat punjab k hatmay k bd tamam ikhtiarat ab governer k pass aa gye hainab hum lahore main hoob dhoom dham aur bhar poor tarikay say 1st march ko basant mnain gay……unho ny kaha ab humay koi nai rokay ga..unho ny kaha k hum nay dubai,sudia,england,america,france,aur b bht mulk say logon ko dawat di ha,aur hararon pakistani aa kar 1st march ko basant mna rahain hain…………..

  91. now i c that how govt stop that festival hey lahoreis .budy if govt allow or dis allow which is usually govt do we have no concer we just celebrate basant on 28 and 1 march so just move on to ours roofs and fly kite and i want to make an announcement that the brother who r bike riders plz plz plz plz plz plz plz khuda da wasta koi nawa panga na kara ker dena plz make sure ur saftey just 4 two days

  92. waqas bhai yeh news kon si date k newspaper per hai main ne bhi aj k 26.02.09 k naya akhbar main parha hai k shahbaz goverment faragh lahreio ko basant ki ijazat milne ka amkan.or yeh jo shahab mili hai na yar yeh bara bagerat hai yeh yeh keh rahah hai ager basant manai gai tu derna dey gey.

  93. bassant will be celebrated on the 1st and the 6th according to an insider, who reveals that it will be announced a day or two before the event so see you cunts in lahore.

  94. brother is link per click karo yeh jang news ka ha aur hudi apko pta lagg jae ga isi trha express b aya ha………..

  95. Basant Date is:
    March 7-8, 2009 –OR–
    March 14-15, 2009

    (Not Confirmed)
    (Soon Confirmed)

  96. where u read this news only basant……………

  97. basaant kab ho gi … tu confirm kar do plz…….

  98. yar kal basant night hogi ,, khul k mna aj har jaga ho gai ha basant bus lahore reh gya ha jkal lahore mai hogio basant………….governer is with us.

  99. Farhan Arooj specialist

    Also got some news from insider, basant will be on 7th and 8th march. It will be announced on the news two days before.


  100. koi bhi friday ko shops open nahi hoi

  101. Khud hi mana lo basant police aur jaga busy ha. Wesey bhi pesey de ker chhut jana agar pakar lia (Motorcycle ke chalan ki tarah rishwat).
    Aaj kal ghar ghar mein kite bechey ja rahey hei.


  103. khan app mazaq acha ker lete hai

  104. Waqas bhai thanks for updates also e-mail me when you have the final news about Basant…
    take care,

  105. new and latest news for basant basant ho rahi hai lekin 1st march ko nahi 7 march ki night or 8 march ko basant manai jaye gi lahore main ok guys thanks

  106. usman bhai yar ap nay kahan say suna k 7th ko ho rai hai basant……aur kia ap bta saktay ho shops kab say open ho rai hain plz…………. mery pass jo paki news the woh yeh he the k 1st march ho rai hai basant.. plz ap yeh btain k shops kab open ho rai hain

  107. waqas bhai main samanabad main rehta hon or merey ghar k sath aik admi rehta hai woh buhat bara kite dealer hai us ne mujay kaha hai k basant next sunday ko ho rahi hai basant ki tayarian paker lo taqriban woh roz hi al-hamra hall main jatey hai wahan kites k ijlas hotey hai uno ne mujhey bataya hi k meri kite flying assosiation k chief sectery say bat hoi hai uno ney humey next sunday ka time diya hai woh kehtey hai k abhi mulk k halat sahi nahi hai is liye zara kam dhanda honey do is liye Inshalla next sunday ko basant ho gi or 2,3 din tak shops bhi open ho jaye gi or main ne khud bhi nawaywaqt akhbar main parhan hai k shahrif baradran k naehal qarar patey hi lahore main basant ka mananey ka faisla ok thanks

  108. app yeh khud bhi parh saktey ho choti si heading main likha hai page number 8 main likha hai click this link

  109. brother main nay pora page parha hai nai likha hua ok anyway i can trust u lakin plz ap shops ka paka bta saktay hain………………….???????????k kis din open hon gee

  110. app waqas bhai g mere say yahoo per bat kero mai app ko pori detail k sath batao ga ok app say zada mujay jaldi hai basant ki plz contact my yahoo id

  111. Dekha me ne kaha tha keh basant 7-8 March 2009 ko ho sakti hei..
    14-15 march 2009 ka bhi chance hei.. Agar koi museebat a gaye tub.
    Wesey me ne door aur 150 kites already le liye ha (Reserve).

  112. so guy y u fighting with each specially waqas and usman i hope basant will b celebrate on 7 and 8th but i think once again lahore basant has gone from our hands beacuse 2 years late same game was played by lahores that basant has posponed to next weak but ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… as u beeter known

  113. Inshalla tala basant 7 or 8 ko porey josho khurush say manai jaye gi

  114. i just want 2 fuck members of kite fedretion they r dash our basant comes a that stage just becuase of them y they cant control on band sstring the real culprit is kfa . y they still sale the band string b hook or by crock they r not censiour with their job i hope every one is agree with me

  115. its fuck kite association (fka)

  116. Arman Bukhari

    Dear Usman Tariq,

    Allah aap ki zuban mubarak karey, Inshallah Basant 7th, 8th ko zaroo hogi.

  117. Arman Bukhari

    Dear Usman, main bhi aap ko add kareny laga hoon, kiya aap muhey bhi details batao gey.

  118. Arman Bukhari

    Dear Usman and Waqas, aap logon k comments parrh ke main relax ho jata hoon k mere illawa bhi kuchh log Basant k crazy hain. Meri umer 36 saal hai, main bachpan se kite flying kar raha hoon. Mujhe do hi shoq hain, cricket aur kite flying. Meri Allah se dua hai ki Basant ho jaye. Aameen

  119. as u like arman bhai kese hai app arman bhai g app ko nahi pata jitna main shudai hon na kite flying ka shaid hi koi hon dekhey ab governer manney per a rahan hai tu ab lesco waley phada dal rahay hai aik manta hai tu dosra rola dal deta hai main aj kal free ho or buhat hasrat say asman ki taraf dekhta ho lekin asman ki koi ronaq hi nahi Allah karey Basant ho jaye plz

  120. yar ho jeye gi ok guys dont worry

  121. yar usman mey be samanbad main rehta hon merey email id hai faheem_450@hotmail .com plz contact me on my id

  122. guys basnat 50-50 chance pe hai….

  123. sakam g khurram bhai mera hotmail per id nahi hai sirf yahoo per hai app apna yahoo ka id dey

  124. yar yeh jo humarey mulk k hukmaran hai na yeh khud ayashiyan ker rahay hai or in zalmon ko awam ki khoshiyoun ka khush pata nahi k yar chalo khush nahi hota sif 24 hour ki bat hai dey do permission

  125. jis cheeze ko tum had say zada chaho gey woh tum say utna hi door baghery gi azmai hoi bat hai

  126. basant bhool jao, ajj jo kuch howa hai uss keh baad koi chance nahi nazer araha lahore mein

  127. asslam plz allow basant 7;8 basant plz 2008 date next next no allow basant ok plz only 2 days sulman taseer plz allow basant 2009 celebrate plz plz plz date ko gomay mat ok 2008 ki tarha acha ok take care
    open shop permisasion buy the kite ok

  128. Yar basant must honi chaie but after wat today has been happened chance kam ho gai ya phir 14 15 ko hone ka b chance he as there is on internet about this i seen k basant 14 15 ko hone ka b chance he

  129. why lahoris are so coward man they should celebrate basant na
    give me updates on basant

  130. Abhi Basant is easier to celebrate.Police to sari busy hai………aap sab mil ke kyon nahin patangbaazi kar lete?

  131. but basant is basant na yar it must be celebrated na

  132. Hello Frndz! Yar 1 saal ho gaya hai basant mnaye hue…Btang ka tand check kye hue arsa hi ho gaya hai//// Kya zamane the jb dhai tawoon k peche lagaya krte the….This time basant shd b celebrated with full enthusaism as its the heart of Lahoris….. Lahore LAHORE HAI….

  133. yar kabhi socha bhi nahi tha k aik din aye ga or patangbazi per ban lag jaye ga kya waqt tha k dophehar ko patangbazi kertey they khush hosh hi nahi hota tha khanye piney ka i think ab tu bus yaadain hi reh gaye hai basant ki

  134. Bhool jao basant ko main confirm keh sukta hoon k BASANT nahi a rahi.

  135. basant should be celebrated but not using dangerous chemical strings.Haroon.

  136. Yaar dangerous chemical strings ki baat nahi jub hamari goverment hi kharab ho tho phir hum kia kur sukte hain.

  137. yar dangerous strings ki bat be ha laken ap b kuch sahi kahtae ho hamara sadar b to (ZARDARI)MIAN SAHAB ka maqsad sirf mulk ko khana ha.IS jaso ko koom ki parva nahi.
    In k hotae hoae ham apna koi shok nahi pora kar saktae.

  138. there should be basant held in lahore so that lahories can enjot the winter season so i should focus that govt should step ahead so that lahories can enjoy this event

  139. koi basant nahi honi, those days of glory are over now for lahore, honi hoti to 1st march ko hojati, poory pakistan mein hogye hai like last year but lahoris dont have courage

  140. yeh humarey mulk k khukmaran jo hai na yeh buhat hi koti k bachey hai in say hum logo ko koi umeed nahi ho sakti

  141. let’s keep fingures crossed that basant will b on 14 and 15th Mach
    see that link

  142. nahi ho rahi yar basant kal PHA ne inkar kardea hai basant mananay se yar lahore ki awam buzdil hai…

  143. Arman Bukhari

    Latest news yeh hai k mujhey ek kite dealer ne bataya hai k Wednesday 11th March ko shop khul jayen gi. Allah karey aisa ho jaye.

  144. governor has announced.. basant 14th and 15th march ko hai guys be happy

  145. Aap saroon ko boht boht mubarak ho k Gov nai 15 or 16 ko BASANT manane ki ijazat de di hai or shops thursday se open ho rahi hain.

  146. logo ab chemical se se na urana kites….

  147. I m sorry 2 see india breaking bcz of religion.

  148. Salam guys, yh goverment aisay nahi manay gi hm apnay haq k liya road py nikalna ho ga agr hm sb mil k lahore press k samnay ahtajaj karay to my be hamay aik do din ki ijazat mil jai warna yh loog jo logo ko loot rahay han do do haath yh hamay kabhi bhi apni khushyan nahi mananay gay kya ap log maira saath do gay Lahorio? Agr ap loog mairy saath han to mairy email id py mujhay email karo aur hm sb mil k aik din decide kr k lahore prewss club k samnay ahtajaj karay gay aur dharna bhi day agr ap log mujh say agre krtay hon to mujhay email zaroor kijiya ga me wait ur replyz

    Waqas Honney

  149. Hi All,
    Does anyone has clue when BASANT will be celebrated this year 2011?

  150. SIR


  152. May I simply just say what a comfort to find someone that actually understands what they’re discussing over the internet. You definitely understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. A lot more people really need to read this and understand this side of the story. I was surprised you aren’t
    more popular because you most certainly have the gift.

  153. The controversy of Basant would not be solved, if we keep it a secret and deny its reality. Basant no doubt is celebrated by all the people as a Spring Festival in most parts of the Punjab province. But it has 300 years’ history in the sub continent. It is a traditional link with Hinduism and Sikhism.
    It is celebrated with the worship of goddess Saraswati. they wear yellow dress and bathe in the morning and go to the temples to offer prayers to the goddess.

    No one can deny these facts. it is not a secular Festival related only with seasonal celebrations. The curse is deeper than ir is treated as a Kite Flying event.

    Lahore has a rich cultural history that embraces all kind of Festivals celebrated by the people of this region without any difference of religion or sect. Bit the problem has not been solved . It gas become a bloody sport, that kills children and other persons. The twine prepared and used by the kite enthusiasts is a killer device.

    We can not give license to kill human beings by celebrating a Festival. The twine id made of metal wires and treated with chemicals. Many youngsters lose their lives to this sport. We can not put a price on human life. Any person killed by twine thread is the responsibility of the State. Instead of claiming it a neutral and secular festival, we should oppose lifting the ban on this dangerous pursuit. The Government has taken a wise decision to ban this Festival in Pakistan.

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