Lahoris love to celebrate romantic events

Artist and educator Salima Hashmi on Valentine’s day:

LAHORE: Known artist and former National College of Arts principal Salima Hashmi said the day’s activities had proven that people wanted to celebrate romantic events like Valentine’s Day, as it is inherent in human nature. She said Punjabis, and especially Lahoris, were fun loving and open-minded people, who were famous for colourful celebrations of festivals throughout history. She said people had been aware about Valentine’s Day even during her college days, but the love existed in the form of love letters and other means at the time. Daily Times staff report

7 responses to “Lahoris love to celebrate romantic events

  1. yeah
    we lahoris love to celebrate all the events in independence day spirits.
    i m afraid we might be arranging roof top BBQs and eidis in the near future on this day

  2. hey
    just wondering
    you picked this from DT, right?
    why the staff report at the end?

  3. Hello Mahboob – thanks for the comment. Yes indeed and somehow the link got garbled. I have amended the post accordingly

  4. basant is the true color of lahore not terisiom

  5. I am from Lahore but moved to Montreal Canada 30 years ago. if any city can come close to Lahore in colourful celebrations of festivals is Montreal.
    People are beautiful here i wish they could speak punjabi.

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  6. my dear all friends main aj app k liye good news laya ho basant 7or 8 march ko basant mananey ka elan ho gya hai app khud bhi dekh saktey hai back page per likha hai

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