Meet Lorraine Adams in Lahore

Lahore Nama is organising a discussion this Thursday, February 19, 2008 at 6 pm .

Lorraine Adams is a Pulitzer prize winning journalist and used to write for the Washington Post. Now she writes novels and has written two: the first was called Harbor and was published by Knopf.

She is now working on a novel based in Pakistan.

Please join us in a discussion group on THURSDAY FEBRUARY 19 at 6 pm at 49 Mozang Road, Lahore, located close to the British Council.

Please leave a comment here if you plan to attend.

5 responses to “Meet Lorraine Adams in Lahore

  1. I will attend this event. thanks

  2. Will be there. Thanks.

  3. Salaam
    Hi I am faisal from Associated Press Television News if you give me any contact no i think it is easy for me to attend???
    faisal anjum

  4. Yes. Would like to attend. Please leave a phone number for further inquiries. Thanks.


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