Lahore was sad today

Raza Rumi

What a sad day it was – a city that usually glows with spring colours and crisp air was a death-zone. Everyone was afraid and depressed after the morning killings. The wound is far deeper than it appears. It has to do with how our country is moving towards anarchy and mayhem. And, we all continue to be bystanders at best screaming spectators. There were brave policemen today which was a silver lining. These men of courage offered their lives to protect the guests from Sri Lanka. Cricket fans were devastated for what will happen to the favourite sport? Who will come to Pakistan.

But more importantly, this is not what Lahoris and Pakistanis deserve. The great games outside and inside have made us hostage to grand,vested interests. About time, we spoke about it and registered that we count.

Apologies to the people of Sri Lanka. We tried to protect your team but failed. Hope you will understand that we are now unable to protect ourselves.

Photocredit: Mohsin Raza/Reuters – funeral of the policemen who were killed by the terrorists.


8 responses to “Lahore was sad today

  1. Iftikhar Anwar

    It is almost midnight out here across the seas from Lahore where I was born and raised. I tell you all my heart cries out for my Country and my favorite City. Is there no one out there who will rid us of this cancer, this abomination. We used to take pride in treating our guests like royalty. What has happened to us? If we don’t rise up and eradicate this evil, we have lost our right to be called an honorable people.

  2. Iftikhar Anwar

    I told you it’s dark out there yesterday , Raza Rumi. I had no idea it was so dark and heinous. Nothing we can do tonight but, cry.
    I will repeat Ghulam Ali again

  3. I am utterly shocked and speechless at what happened in Lahore. I mourn for the brave policemen who laid down their lives to protect the Sri Lankan guests. And I am proud of the courage shown by the bus driver in the face of all odds. Thank God that the Sri Lankan cricketers are safe.

    I can feel the pain of Lahoris. I felt the same when Mumbai was attacked. Senseless violence like these make you feel so hollow that you start questioning your own existence. You feel as if you have lost a part of yourself in the tragedy.

    I stand in mourning with Lahore today.

  4. There is inexpressible sadness in our hearts as we mourn our brave men, but also, there is growing anger. It is about time we started getting angry. I saw a video yesterday that showed those creatures defiling our fair city. The voice-over (some gora) said that this showed how close Pakistan had come to the abyss.
    It would take a lot more than these ninja turtles to bring us to the abyss, but we must decide at some point that enough is enough, and then DO something about it. Everyone can do something in an individual capacity. At least prepare yourselves. The next time, the people should be enabled and ready to take out those ugly toads themselves, wherever they find them.

  5. Just as ordinary Lahoris were raising a clamour on another post here about wanting to celebrate Spring,Lahore got saddled with the Sharif bros. story and then the attack on the Sri Lankan team.
    It is a tragedy any which way you look at it.While the ordinary citizens just want to get with their lives and celebrate life and nature affrming festivals like Basant,dark forces conspire to make them go silent and fearful.

  6. Raza sahib, we did not even try to protect the Sri Lankan team.

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