Tragedy in Lahore

By Yasser Latif Hamdani

The Sri Lankan Cricket Team was attacked by unknown gun men earlier today.  According to reports,  up to 8 Sri Lankan cricketers are injured.   One is seriously injured and might not make it. Several of the policemen guarding the cricket team have also been martyred.

Whoever it is is killing off Pakistan slowly but surely.  For all of our bold claims that “cricketers and sportsmen have nothing to fear”,   from today onwards no cricket team or any other sports team will ever visit this country.

Sri Lankans won the World Cup in Gaddafi stadium in 1996.  That was a different era.  Lahore and Pakistan in general was a safe place to be.   Lahore was buzzing with foreigners and no one thought for a minute that they could be attacked.    Now even Pakistanis are scared of going out. Is there any turning back?   Is Pakistan going to unravel in face of forces of extremism, terrorism and fascism?

We don’t know who did it.  We don’t know which “foreign” hand was behind it.  What we know is that no one can manipulate a people who are not ready to be manipulated.   We must take stock of this situation, before we lose our homeland for ever.

Today we stand yet again with our heads bowed down.  We apologize to Sri Lanka and its cricketers who came to Pakistan when no one else dared to.    We apologize for being a nation of cowards and freaks who haven’t been able to put our house in order.

4 responses to “Tragedy in Lahore

  1. This obviously had little to do with the typical motives of taliban or other local terrorism cells, and everything to do with further destabilizing an already unstable Pakistan. This wasn’t England’s cricket team, this wasn’t even India. This was Sri Lankan cricket team. We cheered them all the way to a world cup in 1996 at Gaddafi stadium in the same city after they whooped India’s ass, after India whooped ours, remember? We got nothing against Sri Lankans. We don’t even know much about them. Rana Tunga and Jaysuria register way more in most of ours’ mind than Tamil Tigers. And the last I checked, taliban had no beef with the Sri Lankans either.

    Could Aamchi Mumbai have something to do with this?

  2. I don’t think we are cowards and freaks; I think we are still in shock at everything that has caught up with us so fast. We must, however, blame ourselves for being too materialistic, apathetic, and hypocritical in our social life. It is time now to take stock and take action. Every citizen must be trained and armed for self-defence. The National Guard must be revived. The people will have to organize themselves, since the government is obviously paralyzed.

  3. Hi Asad
    You hint at Indian involvement. If we had the guts or the ability to reach into Pakistan, maybe what happened in Amchi Mumbai wouldn’t have.

  4. There is no justification for the human cost on either 26/11 or 3/3. If there was Pakistani/Taliban/ISI involvement in 26/11, doesn’t make it right – and if there is Indian/RAW involvement in 3/3/, doesn’t make it right.

    As far as who was definitely behind this, we will probably never know, simply because there are too many internal and external elements, but RAW is definitely one of the key suspects.

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