Rafay Alam sent me this link on the praise for the two blogs.  It is always nice to know that one is heard and understood. (Raza Rumi -editor)

Now the links given below will illustrate properly I hope ,as to why Pak Tea House and Lahore Nama are balanced voices and need to be on your blogroll.
If you want a sane ,balanced view (we have a shortage of it in India as well,never fear) of Pakistan this is it.

One response to “Appreciation

  1. Rana m.s.aarpan

    A cursory look on the works, contributions, service to classical music,
    punjabi literature, punjabi folklore, and publishing literature on these
    subjects and other relevant avenues puts one in dilirium and fulguration about the tremendous efforts of Mushtaq Soofi Sahib and Janab Raza Roomi, the founder. But unfortunately THE SACHAL STUDIOS has not
    attained that glory, grandeur and projection as it deserves (Or perhaps I myself is not that aware, However my ‘kudos’ to both the legendary
    figures of our country. Wish them an overwhelming success.
    rana m.s.aarpan

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