Madhu Lal – festival of lights

LAHORE: A number of devotees have thronged to the shrine of sufi saint Hazrat Shah Hussain, also known as Shah Hussain Lahori and Madhu Lal Hussain, to mark the three-day urs of the Festival of Lights. courtesy daily times

The three-day urs of the Festival of Lights (Mela Charaghan) started on Saturday at the shrine of renowned sufi saint Shah Hussain. The festival will continue until March 30. Shah Hussain, who is also known as Shah Hussain Lahori and Madhu Lal Hussain, was a saint in the era of Mughal Emperor Jalauddin Muhammad Akbar. Shah Hussain was born in Taxali and is extremely popular among spiritual guiders. Thousands of devotees thronged the shrine on the first day to burn lamps at the shrine to commemorate the occasion. Families and devotees offered fateha at the shrine and lit candles and lamps. Devotees arrived in groups and danced to drumbeats. A large number of women attended the festival along with men. A number of female devotees also danced to drumbeats and distributed sweets among the devotees. Several malangs were also present and they set up stalls, sang songs and decorated their tents with colourful flags and displayed their affiliation with different spiritual sects to attract devotees. Bhang and hashish were also sold at several shops. The devotees were grinding the bhang with a matiar (stick). Saien Sohna, a malang from Sialkot, said the malangs waited the whole year for this festival, adding that they attended it in large groups. He said the festival allowed them to meet people of their kind, adding that it was also a duty of every malang to attend Shah Hussain’s urs. He said malangs did not commemorate the urs like other people, adding that they merely offered bhang and hashish to the visitors. Daily Times, Lahore

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