Lahore says no to Taliban ‘justice’

* Participants condemn the flogging of a girl by Taliban in Swat
* Citizens from Swat, Gwadar say whole country opposes terrorism


LAHORE: Hundreds of citizens from all walks of life marched on The Mall in a peace rally against terrorism on Saturday.

In a country where arriving late for an occasion is considered fashionable, the citizens reached the Lahore High Court (LHC) on time to show their support for peace and to condemn and say no to terrorism.

People from all sections and segments of society, and of all age groups, came out in large numbers to raise their voice in support of peace and in opposition to terrorism. Students, teachers, activists of the civil society and human rights organisations, actors, artists, journalists, lawyers, and ordinary citizens were all part of the rally.

The participants carried placards condemning terrorism and the ongoing wave of Talibanisation. The incident of a teenaged girl being flogged in Swat by the Taliban was the special focus of the rally’s participants. The rally was attended by a large number of women, who all condemned the recently televised video of 17-year-old Chand, who was lashed in Swat. The rally progressed from the LHC to the Charing Cross, where the participants addressed the rally and made speeches for peace.

Slogans: The participants shouted slogans against the Taliban, like Taliban Ka Jo Yar Hai, Ghaddar Hai Ghaddar Hai (Whoever is a friend of the Taliban is a traitor), Taliban Ki Ghunda Gardi Bund Karo (Stop the atrocities of Taliban). They said that Taliban were terrorists and the government should not sign any peace agreements with them.

Swat, Gwadar: People from far-flung areas like Swat and Balochistan had also come to participate in the rally. Sattar Khan, who had come all the way from Swat, said the people of the valley did not support the terrorists. He said those involved in terrorist activities in Swat were no friends of Pakistan. He said he had come to attend the rally to show solidarity and because he thought such events would create public awareness.

A Baloch citizen, who came from Gwadar, said the people from across the country opposed terrorism and, and had come out on the roads in Lahore to show their support against terror.

3 responses to “Lahore says no to Taliban ‘justice’

  1. Congratulations to the wonderful citizens of a great city…
    Kaun kehta hai aasmaan mein suraakh nahin ho sakta
    Ek patthar to tabiyat se uchchalo, yaaron!

    More power to your determination!

  2. Dear sir,
    i want to cash this opportunity of praising you for your probing insights into anything nad everything you writer.I have no words for your candid opinions laced with sincerity.I am an avid reader and a subscriber to your articles as well.keep writing.keep opening minds-making us conscious of the world we ‘live’in.thank you.

  3. U r right.

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