Taliban spotted in Lahore??

I was wondering if this news item sent to me by Google’s numerous and fascinating services was true. If yes, very scary for us Lahoris. Raza Rumi

Lahore: The Swat Taliban continues to tighten its grip over new areas of Lahore after Shangla and Buner.

According to the sources, Taliban were seen walking towards Lahore railway station.

Earlier, Taliban commander Jawed declared that couples seen in city parks would be killed on the spot. He also called for closuer of English medium schools in the city.

Taliban commander Muslim Khan said, ‘We would go and operate everywhere people call us.’

These Taliban walking on the roads of the city have ‘Taliban Of North Waziristan’ written on themselves.

Security was beefed up in city parks and schools following the warning from the trouble makers.

11 responses to “Taliban spotted in Lahore??

  1. don’t know but i have seen pashtuns marching alongside N5 many times on my daily commutes to Manga Mandi from Lahore.
    seems that police is busy in checking and capturing vehicles and they are not bothering to check people on foot.

  2. and i am the King of England!

    its all just a lot of crap!

  3. If they are coming to provide Justice to the Lahoris who are being victimized by various MAFIAS operating in Lahore, then everybody will welcome them !!
    If Govt cant provide justice to its citizens and protect them, then somebody has to fill the gap.

  4. how can non state actors provide justice? those who themselves are doing illegel acts cant give justice

  5. Imran,

    Taliban is just another greedy, power-hungry, equally-corrupt faction like Mafia masquerading as a religious movement. Except, unlike Mafia they aren’t happy with just money/influence, but they want to change our entire way of life, keeping our wives in the home, and our daughters out of school.

    Remember, this isn’t just Govt/USA vs. Taliban. There is a 3rd way, which is against both. Fortunately, the first we can change via voting and peaceful demonstration (such as restoration of CJ of Pakistan), but if the Taliban take over it’ll take a *bloody* civil war to get our country back.

  6. This is nonsense……and the ‘news report’ is obviously false and meant to spread fear and confusion……..
    apart from actual attacks…The Talibs and their backers have obviously decided to spread their ‘psy-ops’ into lahore….

  7. The scariest looking thing in Lahore is the Minar e Pakistan. Then Hafeez Center.

  8. So we are going to have another MAFIA in Lahore soon, hahaha

  9. Just crap.Although Lahoris wont welcome Taliban, but yes I agree with Imran that social,political and judicial deficiencies of our society need to be covered up in order to close ANY space for the Taliban.

    ralam420,how does Minar e Pakistan get scary? :s

  10. @Zubair: It’s a hideous piece of architecture and people commit suicide by jumping off the top of it. Doesn’t get scarier than that 🙂

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