Kinnaird College Lahore imposes ban on jeans after threats

Raza Rumi

Lahore’s premier institution for women’s higher education is also under threat. What a shame that a college that has always been a symbol of modernity, enlightenment and culture is now facing the perils of growing extremism in the city. How sad – but we need to resist this. It is understandable that the college authorities want to safeguard the security of students  but the civil society and the secular parties must not accept this nonsense. The state has to do what it is mandated under the Constitution. The news report below sums it all:

The Kinnaird College (KC) administration has banned the students from wearing jeans or other tight dresses in the wake of possible terrorist threats. The college has imposed a strict dress code that only allows students to wear Eastern dresses such as shalwar qameez or loose trousers. Dupatas have been made mandatory.

KC Vice Principal Nikhat Khan told Daily Times the measures were in line with a government notification, and had no connection with rumours about burqa-clad women issuing warnings to students. She said jeans and tight dresses were banned on college premises since years but the new principal was unaware of the ban and girls were using this to their advantage. Students reported an atmosphere of fear after the introduction of rules that barred students from wearing dresses of their choice.

Afnan Khan in The Daily Times

Second report

KC administration did not inform govt of threats: DCO

LAHORE: The administration of Kinnaird College (KC) did not inform the government of any threats faced by the college, DCO Sajjad Bhutta has said. Asked to comment on the recent decision by the college to impose a dress code forbidding jeans and making dupatas mandatory, he criticised the KC administration for its ‘haphazard’ decision of enforcing the ‘no-jeans’ dress code. He said such steps further encouraged the extremists. He said if the KC administration had informed the government of any threats and asked for help, the government would have taken measures to ensure their security. “I know that complying with the demands of the extremists can encourage them to go further and we should not do that. However, personally speaking, we should follow a proper dress according to the Islamic values of the society,” the DCO said. afnan khan

5 responses to “Kinnaird College Lahore imposes ban on jeans after threats

  1. Muhammad Younas

    its verry very verry good for muslim students ladies.

  2. Its a good decision. we are living in an islamic country. Our religion stresses for a modest dress. Tight jeans and western dress of Kinnaird students have spoiled a lot of people…( try to understand).

  3. Kuch Tu In Ladkion Ko Sharam ani chaheye……..eik ladki eik din mai 5 se 8 ladko k sath milti hai….pata nahi in k bhai baap waghera nahi hai ya bagherati mai in ko maza ata hai… Sar pe dupata…..pata nahi yar……Akhir marna hai . jawab dena hai….Mohammad (SAW) ka samna na hoga….Kya Hazrat Hussain k Catey Hue Sar ka Samna na Hoga………Kya In Besharam Ladkion ko Hazrat Zainab Ka Patha Hua Dupata na dekaya Jayega……….Akhir Marna hai aur Ahle Bait ka Samna karna hai………

  4. koch tu khayal karo is pak damni ka izat kasi ki shram ho ksi ki Akhir Marna hai aur Ahle Bait ka Samna karna hai………

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