Jaguar XK-R Convertible in Lahore

This gorgeous salsa red Jaguar XK-R soft-top convertible was recently spotted in Lahore, right in front of the Askari Bank near Kalma Chowk. So far all of the Jaguar XK-R’s I’ve seen have been imported by Buksh Motors. And as the front license plate proves, this beauty is no exception.

Lahore: Jaguar XK-R Convertible

Jaguar XK-R spotted roaming Lahoreb

[Spotter: Ateek & Suneel]

4 responses to “Jaguar XK-R Convertible in Lahore

  1. واو۔ دس از آہ سم۔

  2. Hope it’s not running on CNG

  3. most of the jags have a ford engine nowadys.
    don’t know about this particular model but to my knowledge Ford Engines worn out quite easily and don’t perform upto the expectations of a sports car geek usually.

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