Lahore bids farewell to a hero who was fighting a war for Pakistan’s survival

Daily Times reports:

 Major Abid laid to rest

 * Lahore corps commander lays floral wreath on behalf of COAS

 LAHORE: Major Abid Majeed, who was martyred while fighting the Taliban in Nazarabad area of Matta tehsil, was laid to rest at the Army Ground, Shaudha Graveyard, with full military honours. The body of Major Abid reached Lahore on Tuesday. 

His family considered his martyrdom a sacrifice for the country and the will of God. They urged the people to support the army against anti-state elements in the ongoing operation in the country’s north. He was buried with full army protocol. Lahore Corps Commander Lieutenant General Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi and other civil and military officers attended the funeral prayer. The corps commander laid a floral wreath on the grave on behalf of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Kayani. Abid was supposed to celebrate his 34th birthday on May 25.

Major Abid got commission in Pakistan Army in 1997. He had served in the UN peace mission in Congo and had also been posted to Siachen. Major Abid’s father Abdul Majeed was a colonel, while his grandfather Muhammad Khadim was a subedar in the army. 

Talking to the media, Major Abid’s widow Ishrat Abid urged the people to pray for the army officials and support them. She said her husband had brought respect and honour to her and their two children. His uncle Abdul Hafeez said he was happy that his nephew had given his life to save the country. His mother said Abid’s dream to give his life for the country had come true. Major Abid is the second major from Lahore to give his life for the country in the line of duty. On April 19, Major Malik Azhar of Gulshan Ravi was martyred in Hangu in a suicide attack. Major Azhar was buried in Miani Sahib Graveyard with full army protocol.

17 responses to “Lahore bids farewell to a hero who was fighting a war for Pakistan’s survival

  1. Major Abid was my first cousin, (khalas son), he was more then just a cousin, an older brother, a friend and above all a very down to earth human being for whom everyone else was more important than his own being. He was always there to bring joy in others life. I would kindly like to request you all to offer prayer for my lovely cousin, that Allah may grant him paradise and the status of Shaheed and also sabr and strength to his wife, mother, brother and sisters. Please could you also pray for my cousin Major Khalid Majeed who was also injured during the fight.
    Thank you, may Allah grant you peace and happiness, Ameen

    Sofia Yasin [urf fofo as bhai use to call me]

  2. Abid we will miss you a lot brother, your shahdat has really changed the way we think and see things. Alongwith all our family members i am so proud of you, I would lke to correct few things here, Abid’s Grand Fathers name is Mohammad Fazil and he belongs to a village called Khalaspur near Jhelum. Our khalu Col. Abdul Majeed was the commanding officer of 19th Punjab and both brothers decided to join their fathers unit. As Sofia said brother Kaild was injured inthe same fight but he told us that he will join his unit again as soon as he is well enough. We Salute Khald and Abid for their bravery and thanks you for making us all so proud of you and your family. I would request all our brothers and sisters to support our troops and forget our diferences to save our country, and also pray for all the Shuhda’s in this war.


  3. Major Abid was my best friends husband. I feel honoured to have known him in the short time he was apart of our lives. My prayers are with him, Khalid bhai and all our brothers fighting this gorilla war who are sacrificing their today for our tomorrow.
    I salute you Abid Bahi!

  4. Simab Abdullah

    The beloved husband of my dear friend Ishrat, Major Abid Majeed Malik Shaheed, may your soul rest in eternal peace, and may blessings shower you in abundance. Amin. May Allah give your family the strength and determination to overcome this difficult time, until the day you reunite. InshaAllah.

    You and your family will always be in my prayers.

  5. I had never met Major Abid (Shaheed) but he was my Sister in laws best friends husband yet I do feel I got to know him in the last few days by hearing stories about his bravery and the sacrifice he has made.

    He was a true soldier who was Martyred with honour by saving the lives of others and so that Pakistan would be free from its enemies.

    You are an example to us all and may Allah give strength to your brave widow, children and family and may Allah bestow his blessings upon you all.

  6. Shahrukh Slatch

    Major Khalid is a Great Man.
    I Meet Major Khalid in the Mirrage of her Sister Aisha (Baji) She Marry with My Very Good Friend (Saqib Malik) Younger Brother.

    (Jab Tak Na Jala Charag Shahid Ka Laho Sa)
    (Kahta Hein Janat Ma Chiraga Nahi Hota)

  7. Afraz Liaquat

    Inna Lillahe Wa Inna iLeyhe Rajeon

    I have spent few years with Abid bhai when his father Col. Majeed was in Rangers with my father back in early 90’s. Abid bhai was a great charm of the family and been of great demand to everyone due to his attractive and jolly personality.

    Sad to loos such a great man but heartily glad he left this dunya with honour of shahdat.

    May Allah bless his soul with peace and Janna.

  8. May Allah accept his greatest sacrifice and give patience to his family! Ameen.

  9. Maj Liaquat retd

    May Allah accepts Khalids Shadat and gives family patience, composure, health and wealth help bringing up children to natural stature ameen.col Majeed and myself served together in Rangers HQ Lahore a wonderful person who will always look after the people.After his retirement he especially travelled to Peshawar to obtain signatures from me on proceedings which were to benifit his subordinate who was crippled in accident .such a person left behind a family on which nation is proud of

  10. I knew Abid from PMA and was told about him yesterday by friend of mine. I have not seen him since 1997 but all his memories came rushing back to me, He was a very kind hear ted, Brave and courageous man. May Allah bless his soul. Ameen.

  11. Hasan Askari gardezi

    Major Abid_May Allah rest your soul in peace, and shower His blessings on your sacrifice. “Aap ki Shahadat, rang lai gi aur in taliban ko Gharat kare gi_Insha Allah, Ameen”

  12. 2/Lt Uxair 50 Fd Regt, Arty.

    I know Maj. Abid since the day I joined PMA. He was PTSO with 119L/C. He was the one with calm and cool personality. 119 ki jan thay wo. Here I am going to write a message from major abid.

    “I never bothered to stand with you in blood freezing cold in PMA PT ground. I never let you feel the cold of the snow covered ground. I felt my feet like freezing, I even cried with pain but never let you know. I taught you how to be “ROUGH AND TOUGH.” Gave you personally demonstration of assault course and waited. Got you Raw and waited till you were pruned and nurtured. Once I felt that you can stand at the Test of Time, I left you and waited for the time where I can teach you something even more dignified. I did it and 119 I have led you once again. I am the first one to reach heaven. Please don’t let me down. I have showed you the path. I am waiting on the never ending tracks of heaven for someone from 119 to come and join me. I am waiting and I am still waiting.”

    Your’s Forever

  13. I pray ALLAH for forgiveness and acceptance of Abid,s sacrifice

  14. Mrs Maj Naeem (Huma)

    Abid bhai was my brother in law and phopho’s son, he was just too good to be true !
    he led a heroic life and he ended it in the very same way.
    Allah aap ki shahadat ko kabul karain aur aap ko janat main unchay mukaam se nawazain.
    u’ll be missed.
    aap ki ikloti saali

  15. Mrs Maj Naeem (Huma)

    He was a very sensitive human being behind that rough and tough exterior.
    I want to share a little incident with all of u who love him. Back in 2007 my youngest brother Zahid Malik took us all for a dinner to Meikong a Chinese restaurant in Rawalpindi, and on the way out while he was saying good bye to the doorman he left money in his palm and just forced him quietly to keep it he didn’t notice that I had seen him I was greatly moved and later on when I told my sister ishi her answer was “that’s why I am so proud of him”. Not only in ur life Abid bhai you have become a continuous source of pride for all of us even after ur shahadat.
    I don’t remember a single moment seeing him without a smile on his face or either cracking jokes .But only on the 9th of May when he met us for the last time in Pindi before heading to swat I had seen him with a stern look in his eyes, he had told my sister that he wanted to get back into that frame of mind which was best for his jawans I gave him a list of excuses to make just to delay his departure and he only smiled in return, he had already prepared himself for that really dangerous mission and he proved it till his very last breath that how BRAVE he was. He was a loving and helpful brother his non-serious attitude and jolly personality always put him in the centre of attraction.
    Today even if he has moved out of the visual world, he will inshAllah remain alive in the hearts of millions of Pakistani‘s inside Pakistan and all over the world.
    Abid bhai u have proved that u were a TRUE SOLDIER in every sense of the word.
    You’ll be missed! Allah aap ki shahadat ko Kabul karain aur aap ko janat main uncha darja atah Karen (amen)
    Please keep praying for Mrs col Majeed (mother) Mrs Ishrat Abid Majeed Shaheed , Eesha ,Mohammad khalid bhai who was also injured during the firing, and the rest of the family too.
    Mrs Major Naeem (Huma)

  16. I loved him. He was my elder brothers class fellow and friend. He was my ideal. His birthday is same as mine 25th may. I knew him for the past 14 years since his family lived in Askari Flats near Sher Pao bridge, Lahore. Than we came to Askari Flats at Walton and his family came there too.

    I still can not forget the cool, kind yet aggressive personality which Abid Bhai had. We used to play cricket together. I still remember he sometimes used to grip my hand as if I was his best friend and would say “Zubair Dada….kaisa hay”. When I was giving my matriculation board papers, my friend was picked up by 7,8 boys of another school for beating. Abi bhai had come to pick me up after paper with my brother, when I told Abid bhai about our fight, he grabbed my hand and said” lets go, I’ll talk to them…aa ja!! main in say baat krta hoon”. since that day he started calling me dada for picking up the fights. He than always called me with this name till I remeber.

    Another comment, I remember from him, when my elder brother graduated from Military college, he gave a dinner to all his friends. Abid bhai came too. He ate very little. When another person pointed this out, Abid bhai said “ham jeenay kay liay khatay hain, khanay kay liay nahe jetay (We eat to live,we do not live to eat).

    I remember another incident.He was waiting for his joining in PMA at that time, when we were standing there near our flat one night. A car full of guys came from outside, with songs at high volume. They took one round of our flats, on the next round, Abid bhai stopped them. “Whom do you want to meet?”. was his question.” Dont take another round here like this. Families live here, ok!!” and those guys didnt come back.

    i still remember, whenever he used to come to our flat to call Saad (My elder brother), he would always be standing 3,4 steps downstairs and would say only one word “Saad” in his special style. Meeting him was always pleasure.

    He always had a smile on his face which was so full of confidence and his face showed, this man is brave.

    Khalid bhai is the same. He is more aggressive and speaks openly. I met him in the hospital, he met me as if nothing had happened and as if I had not come for condolence but to take him to eat Ice cream. I was really at the loss of words, how do I codole about Abid Bhai to him. he is as courageous as his brother is.

    I went to his janaza, when I reached there, I was still hoping, may be this is some other Major Abid. May be we are given information about the wrong person. Till I saw Khalid coming in Janaza, I was still hoping that this funeral turns out to be somebody’s else. But it was not going to be.

    All these incidents, and many more are a memory for life. Your family should be proud of you and May Allah give them courage to bear this. And you are alive my dear, but we do not have the understanding of your life, which is far better than this one (Aameen)

    I wish I could be there with Abid bhai and would take him out of the firing zone, but we are bound by Allah’s will. My elder brother was in Rawanda at the time when I told him about Abid bhai’s shahadat on telephone, he was unable to speak. Everyone who knew Abid loved him. We still love you. You were my ideal and I shall never forget you till I meet you there in Paradise, InshaAllah.

  17. May allah rest his soul in peace. He got shahdat while defending our motherland. He did a good job

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