Future generations have to be saved from Taliban

* PPP rally welcomes military operation in troubled areas of Swat

* Similar rallies staged in major cities of Punjab

Daily Times Staff Report

LAHORE: The Taliban are the enemy of Pakistan, and we have to save the coming generations from their clutches, said the participants of a rally arranged by the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) on Friday.

The rally, organised to condemn the Taliban insurgency and express support for the army, started from Nasir Bagh and ended at Faisal Chowk in front of the Punjab Assembly building. Several PPP leaders, political workers, and the general public participated in the rally.  

Army action: Addressing the rally, PPP Punjab President Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan, PPP Punjab General Secretary Samiullah Khan, PPP Punjab Deputy Information Secretary Iqbal Sialvi, PPP Lahore General Secretary Akbar Khan, PPP Lahore President Asghar Gujjar and political workers condemned terrorism in the country. They appreciated the military operation in the troubled areas of Swat and called for an end to the insurgency.

Rana Aftab Ahmed Khan said the terrorists should leave Pakistan. He endorsed the army action, saying the nation fully supported the military operation against the Taliban in Swat. He said it was necessary to identify the enemy, adding the nation was fully aware of the threat facing the country if the Taliban were allowed to continue violating the writ of state. He said the active participation of people in the rally showed they were united against the Taliban. PPP Punjab Secretary Information Dr Fakharud Din Chaudhry said the time had come to save Pakistan from the Taliban, adding the nation should come forward and join hands against the terrorists. He applauded President Asif Ali Zardari for showing courage and conducting the military operation.

More rallies: The participants of the rally held banners with slogans supporting the army, including ‘Our army our pride’. They said the people were not afraid of terrorists and would help the army eradicate terrorism. Similar rallies were taken out in all the major cities of the province, including Rawalpindi, Gujranwala, Multan, Sahiwal, Bhawalpur, Rajanpure and Sargodha.

One response to “Future generations have to be saved from Taliban

  1. I am yet to see a practical, foresee-ably effective (and humane), long term solution to this rising, globally immanent social problem (not just in Pakistan, or just among the Muslim population). A consequence of the rapidly increasing economic gap between the rich and the poor is an increase in intellectual gap between the two populations as well. Given the ongoing global population explosion, the gap is rising exponentially. The intellectually equipped class as a percentage of the population at large has been shrinking continuously for decades and is reaching critical levels (which is especially troubling given that western style democracy is becoming the status quo everywhere). There is a void created in the lower rungs of the social and intellectual ladder, a need for grassroots-level guidance and leadership. This is the void that these Talibans (or the fundamentalist evangelists among the Christians, or the extremist pundits among the Hindus) of the world attempt to fill in. They succeed because the people have no alternatives. Entry-level educational systems all over the world are failing to enlighten and educate the masses (even where educational systems exist at all, they are entirely pre-occupied with creating worker bees for the globalized economy). Where are they supposed to go?

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