Moving Journeys: An Exhibition of Photographs of the Colonial Punjab

Photographs of the Punjab taken by London’s Royal Geographical Society
(RGS) members during the late 19th and early 20th centuries form the
core of the exhibition. The RGS images provide a glimpse of the Punjab
province through the ages, capturing the changes brought on by
different empires and the impact of internal and external migration.
To help interpret the pictures, the exhibition also makes use of
travelogues collected and written by RGS members during the colonial
The images record a wide range of events in the Punjab?s past and
reflect the way these were linked to British history. For instance,
during both World Wars, over 50% of the Indian Army was recruited from
this region. Workshops held with Punjabi veterans of military service
for Britain were consulted and their testimonies have been used to
interpret this aspect of Punjabi history. India and Pakistan?s stormy
relationship is traced in images relating to 1947?s Partition when
over 500,000 people died in the violent upheavals and the region saw
15 million people migrate.
The RGS has allowed the exhibition to be produced and shown across
Pakistan and the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is proud
to be able to host and launch the exhibition in Pakistan.

Venue:  Old Social Science Wing, LUMS
Time:   6 pm, June 4, 2009

One response to “Moving Journeys: An Exhibition of Photographs of the Colonial Punjab

  1. Subhash Parihar

    If possible, please put these photographs on this site.

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