WorldCall launches wireless broadband in Lahore

LAHORE: Following an encouraging response in Karachi, WorldCall Telecom Limited (An Omantel Company), a reputed name in Pakistan’s telecommunication market has successfully launched WorldCall Wireless Broadband in Lahore, which is a compact USB device which provides broadband Internet connectivity with mobility to its users.

The compact USB device employs CDMA EVDO (EVolution – Data Optimised) technology, which provides customers with unlimited wireless access for unlimited downloads to the Internet at speeds comparable to cable Internet or DSL at an affordable price.

According to a press release issued on Thursday, WorldCall Wireless Broadband makes it simple and convenient to surf the Internet, enables high speed video streaming and download large files while on the go like never before. Using the service, customers can access timely business news and rich multimedia entertainment from their laptops and desktop PCs. It is a simple Plug and Play device which requires no special software installations, the user simply plugs in the device and the device automatically connects to the internet and provides high speed unlimited Internet access. The WorldCall Wireless Broadband is a USB device which provides the user the complete freedom of movement and the ultimate experience of using high speed internet with unlimited downloads. The unique device does not require any power and works as soon as it is plugged into the computer.

WorldCall is committed to meeting and exceeding rising data needs of its customers all over Pakistan. Wireless Broadband Internet service delivers an unmatched experience that will keep both traveling business professionals and casual users connected with the fastest and most reliable data services.

On the occasion of the commercial launch of WorldCall Wireless Broadband in Lahore, a grand event was hosted by WorldCall Telecom Limited at PC Lahore. The official launch of the WorldCall Wireless Broadband was announced by the CEO WorldCall Telecom Limited, Babar Ali Syed. Chairman PTA, Dr Muhammed Yaseen was the chief guest at the event. The ceremony was presided over by the Governor of Punjab Salmaan Taseer. The event was also attended by the Ambassador of Oman Muhammad Said Muhammad Al-Alwaati and the Deputy CEO Huawei Technologies Pakistan, James Wu. staff report\19\story_19-6-2009_pg5_11

2 responses to “WorldCall launches wireless broadband in Lahore

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  2. The only way I can find this useful is if it is available in remote locations and on highways. Most of the mobile people need to work while on the move and they need constant internet connectivity. I don’t think this Worldcall wireless broadband thingy is for the business traveller. And I have a feeling that it would be having some speed variation and congestion issues as well. PTCL has launched its own wireless broadband at 3.1 Mbps, and they claim that it would work on the highways like the Motorway too. Let’s see how wins the wireless broadband battle.

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