No Billboards in Lahore

LAHORE (Online) – Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed that the City should be made completely free of billboards while state land should be retrieved from illegal occupants for the construction of modern pavilions for providing facilities of recreation and sports to the youth.

He further directed that a comprehensive plan should be presented for the beautification of Jallo Park and Iqbal Park whereas Jinnah Bagh should be handed over to the Parks and Horticulture Authority(PHA) for its uplift and provision of better facilities to the citizens.

He ordered that the Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) should remain fully alert to cope with any untoward situation during monsoon season and all arrangements should be finalised in this regard. He said that if people faced hardships during monsoon or the problem of drainage of water arose in the low lying areas, the guilty officials will not be spared. He further directed that the project of installation of tubewells should be completed at the earliest for the provision of potable water to the people.

He was presiding over a meeting regarding PHA, Was, SWM and installation of tube-wells at CM Secretariat here on Tuesday.

The Chief Minister further directed setting up of a book street and a tea shop for writers at Mall Road as well as beautification of the canal from Wahga to Tokhar Niaz Beg. He directed setting up of two cultural villages in Lahore and to give him a briefing in this regard within one month after identification of the villages.

5 responses to “No Billboards in Lahore

  1. Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is doing great job

  2. It is about time, someone took the decision…!!

    Sometimes it is impossible to see the traffic signals, as they are hidden behind the billboards….!!

    Hope Mr. Sharif restores the beauty of Lahore they way it was in 60’s and 70’s…..

  3. God job by CM.
    We are waiting to see a billboard free Lahore.

  4. A little girl was killed by doctor! in Lahore.

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