Critical Mass Lahore, July 2009

Critical Mass -II
It’s time for Critical Mass July 2009

We meet at Zakir Tikka intersection on Sarwar Road in the Lahore Cantonment at 6.15pm on Sunday 26 July 2009.

Critical Mass is about having clean cities that provide mobility and accessibility. Critical Mass is about clean transport. Critical Mass is about putting public good over private interest. Critical Mass is about making friends. Critical Mass is about reclaiming public space. Critical Mass is about showing a man on a cycle is the same as a man in a ten lac car. Critical Mass is about democracy.

Critical Mass
is not an organization. It is an idea. It is about making a statement. Everyone in Lahore knows how bad the traffic is. Critical Mass Lahore is a step towards making our city clean and taking our streets back.

Critical Mass
is an idea. Make it yours.
What do I need to participate in a Critical Mass Event?
All you need is a road-worthy cycle and an sense of fun. Buy, beg, borrow or steal a cycle if you have to, but join the Mass. Come, cycle around Lahore. Reclaim your city, and have more fun than you think!
Where and how else to Critical Mass Events take place?

Critical Mass events are typically held on the last Friday of each month in cities all over the world. For information about Critical Mass Lahore, be at Zakir Tikka at 6:15pm this Sunday 26 July 2009 or visit the Critical Mass Lahore Facebook page ( Important: Be on time!!!

6 responses to “Critical Mass Lahore, July 2009

  1. Nice name, lets see how effective is the org itself.

    Good Luck. (no sarcasm attached)

  2. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa

    @ Afroz …Join us, and make tconcept, a success.

  3. Naeem Ahmed Bajwa

    @ Afroz …Join us, and make this concept, a success

  4. hope it does well

  5. Cycling in unbearable heat and humidity of July !!!

  6. @Modeltownblog: 6:30 in the evening is not hot and humid. With the breeze that comes from cycling, it’s quite pleasant.

    And, sometimes, to shake things up, we have started our weekend cycle rides from Model Town Park. I’ll let you know next time. The trees in Model Town make the experience even cooler.

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