’Lahore is the true cultural capital of south Asia’

LAHORE: Provincial Minister for Tourism and Food Malik Nadeem Kamran has said that Lahore is the true ‘cultural capital of south Asia’ as our rich cultural heritage reflects the splendor of different ages which adds to the beauty of the way of life.

“Its need of the hour to attract international tourists to take pleasure in our cultural heritage in a more befitting and organized manner.” In this connection, Punjab government has finalized the arrangements to launch sightseeing tourist bus service for tourists which will be on road within few days, he disclosed.

He expressed this while presiding over a departmental meeting held in connection with finalizing the arrangements to start tourist buses inLahore. Managing Director Tourism Development Corporation of Punjab Mian Waheeduddin, General Manager Finance Shehzad Raza and other officers were also present in the meeting.

The Minister told that these buses are designed to display historical and cultural heritage of Lahore. He said that initially, buses would be plied on Lahore roads and if the experience proves successful, the number of buses would be increased. He said that tourist bus service would be named as “Aik Din …. Sadiyun Ka Safar”. He said that this bus service will operate between Minar-e-Pakistan and Liberty Market. Expert tour guides will brief the tourists during the journey and an armed security guard with metal detector will be on board to provide security to the tourists.

Moreover, Punjab government is doing a lot for the development and promotion of tourism sector and it is being developed as an industry to attract further investment.


2 responses to “’Lahore is the true cultural capital of south Asia’

  1. Unfartunately, a capital that is cut off from a major part of South Asia – India.

  2. Also, I wonder if any thought has been given in this very thought provoking blog about Chandigarh, that town in India built to replace Lahore. As we blog from Chandigarh, it is refreshing to see news about Lahore.

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