Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore

Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore, originally uploaded by Jahane Rumi.


25 responses to “Bradlaugh Hall, Lahore

  1. beautiful….what is the history of this place…what is this place now?

  2. Simply awesome, I am from Lahore, living abroad, have never seen this place before. Where is the location and what is the historical significance of this building? I will definietly visit the place.

  3. i am joyneng you

  4. Wonderful, We need more details of this great architectural monument.

  5. Well friends,all those interested to know about this building.
    This building is located behind Central Model School the roads which goes to bilal ganj and mohni road,its called as Bradlaugh Hall.In pre-partition days it was the place used by Congress for its political meetings and jalsasAll promonent politicans like Nehru,gandhi,Azad has spoken in this place.It was made by an irishman who sold his property in Ireland and moved to lahore and made this hall as a place for political nd social thinking.After 1947 it fell in hands of the opportunists as usual,who first used as a institute for skilled workers,but now the news is that the owners are thinking of demolishing this historical building which is in a good shape when i last visited and took this photograph.this building has been associated with socialist and communist movements in the subcontinent.
    I hope this answers the question.
    Dr.Daniyal Nagi

  6. This building must be restored and must be given a status of National Heritage. It will be criminal to demolish such a treasure. During my days of students activism and a member of National Students Federation we had a office on mohni road not far from this building.

  7. I’ve been listening stories about this hall from my communist family members since childhood… So I have this personal (yet ideological) association with that.
    That place should be owned by the radical political activists and workers for their activism.

  8. What a pity !

  9. Ammar, I could agree with you more.

  10. I would urge the Punjab Government to take over the Building as Eminent Domain and classify it as Historical. It should be used by Poets, Performing Artists etc, on short term and as an Art School on a regular basis. My 2 Cents.

  11. this building must be declared national heritage and must be renovated immediately. It is witness of all revolutionary movement of punjab. Specialy Shaheed Azam Bhagat singh used this building as his headquarter. remains of the past are of great value

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  13. Amjed saleem Alvi

    Thank you Dr. Daniyal nagi sahab for the valuable informations. I was born in lahore, I had spent my life here, but I was not aware of the where abouts of this hall. I have also emotional link to it, as my late father had mer Maulana Abul Kalam Azad at that place in 1921, when late Maulana sahab came to Lahore to deliver a speech. I shall visit the place in a day or two, and will let you guys know the latest situation. Thanx again Nagi Sahab

  14. christopher pounds

    Dear Friends
    I am from Northampton England and helped found the locally based Charles Bradlaugh Society here 8 year ago. Bradlaugh was the radical MP for the town in the late nineteenth century and had massive support form the common people, championing progressive movements including universal suffrage, republicanism, trade unionism. There is a statue of him in the town and we hold an annual commemoration. A local Pakistani councillor Choudary, originally of Lahore, attends this event and he has spoken of the Bradlaugh Hall, prompting me to research this today. I was very pleased to learn that the Hall still exists and is in good shape and that you are attemting to protect it.
    Best regards and good luck!

    Good Luck!

  15. Hi Christopher,
    It will be really helpful if Charles Bradlaugh Society could lobby and ask their local MP to write to Government of Pakistan to bring back this historical building to public use.

  16. The Charles Bradlaugh Society will send a formal letter to the Pakistan Ambassador in London requesting that this building be declared a Pakistan registered historical heritage building and therefore should be preserved and protected by the state. Its use could be defined by the definition of historical heritage buildings related to Charles Bradlaugh.

    P. Mulligan
    Northampton UK

  17. Asim Ali Shah

    Hi Mulligan, Any update on your letter to the Pakistan Ambassador ?

  18. ah!! i used to have tuition classes here when i was in school in 2003..very beautiful place but in pathetic condition…

  19. Me tooo … I used to get my tutorials here … we also used to play cricket inside it…. I really feel like going back to Pakistan and visit all those places where i have spent my childhood…

  20. Dear Friends
    Sorry about the slow progress with our petition. We decided to contact Councillor Choudary with your suggestion of a petition but he has not responded. However I have recently been in contact with a Pakistani doctor based in the UK who is aware of the social and cultural significance of The Bradlaugh Hall and is enthusiastic about helping with our petition and the campaign. He has contacts in Lahore and is due to visit very soon, in November I think. He tells me that as in Britain, Bradlaugh is known primarily as an atheist and we agreed that it would be better to highlight his support for and association with the struggle for Indian self-rule and independence. He is currently researching Bradlaugh’s career as ‘The Member for India’ before proceeding. I hope he will be able to give you an update very soon. He is also in contact with Brian Niblett, author of a recent biography of Bradlaugh – see link to a recent enthusiastic newspaper review by Edward Pearce of ‘Charles Bradlaugh: The Courage to Stand Alone’ Pearce writes:

    How miserably we acknowledge some people. Charles Bradlaugh, pelted with insults, facing imprisonment and bankruptcy and his life shortened, ultimately defeated the Anglican hierarchy and the Conservative party at its late-Victorian nastiest. Elected Liberal MP in 1880, he took his seat in 1885. He then proved an exemplary member, adding the India Office to his enemies as he asserted the rights of the actual Indians before dying exhausted in 1891 at 57. Much of our modern mindset is Bradlaugh’s

    See the complete review at

    I came across an excellent BBC World Service programme on Bradlaugh that might be of interest:
    Also by Andrew Whitehead, an excellent series of programmes on the same site about partition:

    Finally, we held our Annual Charles Bradlaugh Commemoration last Sunday in Northampton at the foot of his statue. It was well attended and I held up a print of the hall in Lahore for a photo that appeared in our local newspaper the following day!
    Chris Pounds

  21. Hi,
    The Charles Bradlaugh Society has created a new website detailing the annual commemoration of Charles Bradlaugh in Northampton. Please take a look, pass comment, and publicise.
    Take care,
    Tony Upton

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