Save Lahore Canal – sign this petition

Please sign this petition

To:  Citizens of Lahore

As you may have heard, The Punjab government is planning to widen the road on both sides of the Lahore Canal, from Thokar Niaz Baig to Dharampura, as a so-called solution for the congestion on the canal road due to the rapidly increasing automobile population. The Punjab Chief Minister had announced that the project would begin immediately after Eid-ul-Azha, however, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry took suo moto notice and effectively restrained the government from commencing work on the project on 27 November 2009. The government has not fulfilled its legal obligation of carrying out an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment)for the project and the lack of transparency of the program is depriving the citizens of Lahore from having a say in this change.

It is the consensus of a great number of organizations and groups of concerned citizens that the Rs 3.15 billion project violates basic principles of traffic design and will not only prove ineffective in countering traffic congestion, but also lead to an outstanding number of problems related to the well-being of the public and the environment. Widened roads have historically proven to only end up attracting more traffic, and the government’s focus on providing for the car-owning citizen over the abounding majority (which requires public transport, sidewalks, public toilets, phones and drinking water) is entirely against the principles of equity. The project also means the cutting down of several thousand old trees and losing over 50 acres of the green belt, which is sure to lead to a staggering number of environmental problems including rising temperatures and carbon and toxic content, not to mention the loss of ancient species of trees and shrubs that provide shelter to a variety of birds and small animals. The historical, environmental, recreational and aesthetic value of this green space cannot be stressed enough.

We demand that our voice be heard to address these critical issues and help preserve the beauty and grandeur of our city.


The Undersigned

8 responses to “Save Lahore Canal – sign this petition

  1. Yes the government should be restrained from such project. But i was curious about all those human lifes ….lost in accidents on this conjested road, lost in ambulances stuck on this conjested road, students getting late and lack of patience and tolerance developing on this conjested road in a huge number of lahoreis…..has anyone ever calculate the ratios of such incidents…i wish all those great number of organizations would have lost some of their dear ones…..wouldn’t it be better to force the government to try n preserve the trees n plant them again rather plant more than the ones currently there.

  2. I dont think widening roads is the answer.Maybe
    alternative routes and better management of traffic is a more viable solution.

  3. Most trees are hollow and have lived their life and are hazardous.There is a need anyway to plant new trees .The road definatly needs more lanes added to it, inorder to improve the traffic flow and reduce the horrible traffic jams owing to some terrible accidents.

  4. Lt Col (r) Ejaz Nazim

    The hollow trees have to go, but not all the trees! Urban Forestry is not being taught anywhere in Pakistan. Our forest officers, therefore, treat Urban trees like non-Urban forests which are grown and harvested as crops.They are not familiar with international standards, techniques or practices of maintaining Urban Forests. In this day and age we do not have a single tree surgeon, or an arborist. We do not have the know-how of preparation and transplanting of purpose bread semi mature trees which are essential for any Urban Forestry project.
    And for the additional lanes for the road, perhaps a doctor likewise would tell an obese patient to loosen his belt to treat him.
    Treatment of traffic congestion is:
    a. Cheap, dependable public transport.
    b. Traffic discipline.
    c. Development of other routes to increase
    permeability of the city.
    d. school buses.
    e Pooling of cars.etc.
    Roads have not been widened in other historical cities like Rome and London. Why are we tearing apart the fabric of this beautifl, beautiful city?

  5. Our so called Environmentalists are no different from our Doctors, Police, and others who have their loud and unwise voices.

    Please consider that there can be no sensible Short Term answer to Widening the canal Roads. In long Term the Pollution by the slow moving Vehicles will make the life of Lahories even more miserable.
    The point to note is that if a Vehicle will cover a distance of e.g. One Mile in one (1) minute or it will cover in 8-10 Minutes, what will cause more Pollution. In case you want to hear the detailed explanation, please do let me know. This opposition of widening the canal is actaully very bad for Lahories. Trust me and think it over. Best regards. I am a Lahori for 13 generations.

  6. I think widening of canal road at the expnese of cutting the trees along the canal is a disaster to the urban forestry. Lahore with its over ten million population has limited number of parks and open spaces and linear green open space along the canal is one of its kind in the city. Not only trees along the canal absorbing the green house emissions but also making a beautiful facade of green boulevard at the canal road.

  7. Abdul Wakil Farooqi

    I support Punjab Government and to request the Supreme Court of Pakistan to lift stay order widening of Canal Road and allow Punjab Government to widening the Canal Road immediately. This is need of People of Lahore. Environment will not be effected when Canal Road goes widening, it is effecting when traffic blocked over here and smoke of the vehicles effect the environment. So please dont do any action to stop the project of widening of Canal Road.

  8. Widening of the road is need of the time, by the way who are these so called well wishers of the Lahore, every body should know the names, interest and age.

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