Lahore Ring Road Project

Owais Mughal

This is one topic I’ve been wanting to write about for a while now. But instead of me writing on it, we want to do an experiment here. We would like our readers to tell us what do they know about the project. I will then compile the information collected from your replies here and I am sure in few days we’ll have a treasure of knowledge on this project. This will test the power of our little blogistan where everyone contributes. Your participation is a key here. Try to send authentic information – suni sunaai pe naa jaaeN. The idea is that overtime this post will grow into a information storehouse on Lahore Ring Road Project.

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4 responses to “Lahore Ring Road Project

  1. According to my information, the ring road has been ringing inward and outward for almost a dacade now.. several sized rings have been proposed by different interest groups.. first it was during Pervez Elahi’s time where his son Munis Elahi was dealing with the design on the western side.. there is a major inquiry going on where Munis is accused of using unfair means in acquiring the land around where he wanted the ring road to pass through.. the design was scrapped when Sharif family took over the Punjab government.. the work on eastern and northern side are almost done.. now the major part of road on west and south of Lahore are under various considerations.. here two major political considerations are being given for access to Behria Town and the proposed Lahore dry port in Jati Ummrah near the sharif family’s empire.. connecting these two projects have kicked the ring road further away, making the road less useful and much more expensive.. The government is still trying to figure out the designs of south western loop.. Another stupid decision by the government when Shahbaz Sharif assumed his power, he ordered to block hundreds of acres of land as corridor space where the road would be adjusted in between as needed.. but due to numerous issues the project is getting delayed and delayed and due to blockade of the land, the owners are declined any sale, purchase or transfer of their land.. this is a major problem faced by the owners who end up paying hefty amounts to the patwaris for land transfers in back dates..

    The ring road project would serve as a life line for a 10 million plus population city of Lahore, but political influences have dragged it to wastage of crucial time and resources.. I think the citizens of Lahore needs to take ownership of this road project.. civil society debates needs to be started to make realistic design of the road..

  2. As usuall in Under passes of Lahore there is major design fault in Lahore Ring Road plan for various interchanges reported by Dunya Tv Lahore as on 25 May,2011

  3. I have just added latest master plan of Lahore ring road:

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