Sad news: Kite-flying to stay banned

Raza Rumi

I know that Lahore Nama has been visited in the recent days by hundreds and thousands of Basant enthusiasts. This is unfortunate that an age-old fetival is being banned and denied to people only because the government cannot regulate malpractices by a few business people and the bankrupt, failed WAPDA.

Hope that this festival will come back to Lahore. We strongly protest against this policy decision. Pakistan cannot be made a afe haven for roaming terrorists and suicide bombers while the peaceful citizens are denied the opportunity to celebrate a festival that is so deeply a part of our culture.

Here is the Daily Times story on this:

* District administration warns violators of stern action
* DCO says ‘Governor’s House’ no exception to kite-flying ban
* Police crack down on kite makers

Daily Times Monitor/Staff Report

LAHORE: The district administration has decided to maintain the ban on kite-flying in the provincial capital as per the orders of the Lahore High Court (LHC), warning that those violating the law would be dealt with sternly, a private TV channel reported on Friday.

According to the channel, a meeting presided over by Lahore District Coordination Officer (DCO) Sajjad Bhutta, decided that those found violating the court orders would be dealt with strictly under the law.

The DCO said the LHC had declared that permission to celebrate Basant could be given if a guarantee could be made that no human lives would be lost during the festival. However, Kite Flying Association General Secretary Sheikh Saleem told the meeting that no guarantees of the sort could be given. The DCO said the district management would ensure the implementation of the LHC order on Basant, adding that those violating the law could be charged a fine of Rs 300,000 and a three-year imprisonment.

“Kite flying will not be allowed, not even at the Governor’s House,” the DCO said.

Separately, Pakistan People’s Party Secretary General Jahangir Badr said the ban was not on “Basant, but on the use of metal twine”. However, he said he would respect the court’s decision on the matter.

Crack down: Also, police launched an operation against kite makers in the city with the Lytton Road police arresting 12 men for “secretly making and selling kites”, and recovering 100 kites from their possession.

40 responses to “Sad news: Kite-flying to stay banned

  1. For an excellent satire on the High Court’s decision to ban kite-flying in Lahore, see

  2. its a piece of great injustice wid lahories. why lahories who r da inventor n major celebrator of kite flying festival r targeted wid da ban over this festival. if da lahore high court has 2 impose ban on kite flying festival den this ban should b imposed all over in pakistan, not only in lahore. in da end kite flying should b permitted but wid sum restrictions. basant is known 4 kite flying otherwise widout kites it is colourless.

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  5. basant is banned in lahore because many lives are lost for this festival.The government makes a plane for basant that no one drine bikes.this is a great festival and i will celebrate this festival.If the government allows the basant.Otherwise i obeyed the decision of governmenbut i still wait for the news that the government allows basant.And another thing that government is not see that many young boys die on 14th august celebrations and government alsao banned the celebrations of 14th august.Plz plz plz plz plz shahbaz sharif allow the basant festival with strict orders that no one can use chemical and polyester.If any one is caught by the police. He is fined Rs 500,000.Another time i request shahbaz sharif the great to lifted ban from basant.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  6. I am trusted on shahbaz sharif thet he is lifted ban from the great festival of basant

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  9. plz basant kar do plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pzlzzzzzzzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Hi All,
    Does anyone has clue when BASANT will be celebrated this year 2011?

  11. dear sir my name is lubna kaleem and i live in lahore well sir i am really very disappointed with this decision of banning basant in lahore well this is not at all fair with us we really want to celebrate this colourful day please sir i really beg u to give us permission and i also want to request the kite flying asossiation to accept what ever our goverment want to do if they will accept their terms i am dam sure that our goverment will give permission to celebrate basant just like they use to celebrate it in previous years

    • unbelieveable. bara shouqe ha ap ko basant ka. wasy basant ka her kisi ko shoqe hotaa ha aur khass tor mey to mujy bara shoqe ha.lakin ap ka comment parh k toba toba toba.

  12. main buhat naraz hoon aapni haqumat say kyunkay jis cheez per unhain bain laagana chahay tha us per to nahi laagaya unhoon jaisay kay us chemical per jo humaray pooranay sadar general pervaiz musharaff aur humaray pooranay wazeer-e-alla chaudhary pervaiz elahi kay zamany main shuru hoyi thi aagar us waqt is chemical per paabandi laag jati to shaid aaj basant bain na hoyai hoti dekhain eik bimaari ko roknay ka illaj usi surat main hota hai kay ussay bhaarnay na diya jayayay aagar us waqt us chemical ko bain kerdiya jata to shaid aaj basant per pabandi na hoti lekin meri eik guzaarish hai kite flying asossiation kay presedent aur baaki members say kay unka kiya bigar jayayayga aagar woh aapni galati maan lain aur us chemical ko na istamal kerain kyun unhoon nay apanay pair per khud hi khulhara maara hai kash kay na maara hota lekin meray khiyal say abhi bhi waqt hai unkay pass aagar woh chahtay hain to aapni galati maan lain aur haqumat kay saath phellay jaisa salook kerain aagar woh keraingay to muhjay poori umeed hai kay basant ki ijazaat zaroor mill jayayaygi yeh kadam to kite flying asossiation walloon ko lena hoga aagar aap loog meray jazbaat ko samaj saktay hain to please khuda kay liye meri baat maan lain aur us chemical ka istamal baand kerdain aur poorani doarain istamal kerna start kerdaingay to istaraha lahore ki ronaqain phellay ki taraha bahaal hojayayaingi

  13. mujy bari baysabri sey intazar ha bahi

  14. well listen ismain toba toba kernay ki koi zaroorat nahi theek hai main akali nahi hoon jisko basant ka shoack hai meray taraha aur bhi loog hain jinko shoack hai basant ka lekin iska yeh hargiz matlaab nahi hai kay basant jaisay khubsoraat din ko yunhi chor diya jayayay aur main jo kuch keh rahi hoon woh eik dam sach hai kyunkay aagar us chemical per sadar musharaff kay dour main hi rok diya jata to aaj basant per koi pabandi nahi laagti

  15. lahore kay rehnay walloon eik buhat baari kushkabaari hai shaid aap loogoon nay kaal television per dekh liya hoga kay humaray governer sahaab latif khoosa nay kiya baataya hai kaal raat ko maine 2 channels eik city 42 jokay humara local channel hai aur dusara duniya news channel per bhi yeh news ayayai hai kay latif koosa nay kaha hai kay unka dil kerta hai kay woh kites aur doar lay ker miyan nawaz shariff kay ghar jayayayain raiwand aur wahaan per basant celebrate kerain aur unhoon nay yeh bhi baataya hai jo aaj kay newspaper main aaya hai kay basant celebrate kernay kay liye qameeti baana di gayai hai aur woh chahtay hain kay basant aagar humnay celebrate kerni hai to buhat hi safe tareeqay say celebrate ki jayayay aur dusara yeh kay kite flying asossiation walloon ko bhi unkay is faisalay main unka saath dena chahay aur aagar woh aisa keraingay to basant hogi aur kabhi bhi basant per bain nahi laagay ga aur aagar unhoon nay aisa na kiya to shaid kabhi bhi basant nahi hogi

  16. mey tu basant ka dewana hon or mey tu sara sal patang bazi karta tha

    phir jab moti dor ayi tab sey chor di kite flying kiyo k moti dor sey bacho ka gala kat jata hai is liye.

    abi bi basant ka sok hai per dil mey dafan kiya howa hai.
    per ab souchata hon k agar lahore mey agar basant nahi hoti means tu sey that law perpair karey agar nahi tu mey phir barhar chala jao ga hamesha k liye….

    mey bus yeh chata hon k kio law ban jeye is festival k liye yeh he meri wish hai

    kiyo k har cheeze ka law hota hai?????

    is cheeze ka kiyo nahi ???????????


  17. hey don’t worry everything will be fine we just have to coperatte with our goverment actually our goverment have no objection on bainning this beautiful festival but due to this chemical thing came it has been baned but u don’t worry i am dam sure that if our people who make threads with this chemical if they stop making threads with these chemical i am dam sure that our goverment will give permission to celebrate basant we just have to wait and watch




    LOVE IT…………………………………………………………………………..

  19. hey well that’s great haan congraculations for celebrating basant in kasur well i really hope that our goverment gives us also to celebrate basant in lahore on the 26 and 27 of this month which will be on saturday and sunday so let’s pray very hard from allah that our goverment should give permission to celebrate basant in lahore

  20. Allow Kite flying festival of more than 250 years history.

    There is a very serious matter of kite flying is in hot news these days. This is one of the old traditional cultural games; from many decades pak-indo region peoples are enjoying this event. Many of the national/multinational companies invited the 800,000 to 16,00000 business clients for the festival. On this event they take the big business and dollars from the foreigners. Travel and tourism, Hotel Industry, Stock Exchange, Food Industry, Real Estate Industry was going gradually to the peak, due to the international festivals like one of the most favorite Basant festival, this only festival which is of the world-class level and even this is more renowned from the India. You can see that in the last 8-9 years the graph of the stock market goes to the highest level, and now from the last 2 year stock market is continuously goes to the lower limit. As this festival makes a big economic activity which takes the money from milliners and transfer to the low-income peoples. We request you that at least give the permission only for 48 hours for the kite flying festival so that the national/multinational companies can take benefits from all these festivals. As the Basant was Banned national/multinational companies were shortened Trillions of dollars business from the foreign clients, as this is the only festival for the foreigners attraction.

    Sir! Every day many of the peoples died from the FOOD, DISEASES, BAD LAW AND ORDER, and TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS ETC. Do the government have any solution to protect them. Sir instead of stopping the kite flying industry government should take the solid steps to minimize the injuries from kite flying.

    As the government tries to stop the misuse of destructive kite flying materials, as the result of that last year there was no casualty. It means that there can be kite flying this year too. Sir! Do the government ever think that why the more injury cases were registering. What are reasons behind this? In which areas most of the cases are happening.

    o 3-years back government introduced the helmet for the motorbike riders. Because government was thinking that with the help of helmet all the injuries can be handled. How many drivers of motorbike riders who became victims were wearing helmet? None of them were wearing helmet. It means that government fails to implement this own law. This law only increases the underhand income of police nothing else. And all the victims are without the helmet, so they are already destroying the law.
    o 3-years back government stops the use of chemical and thick thread for kite flying. Ever you think that what will happen to all the row material, which was imported to use in kite flying. If the government wants to stop the use of chemicals then why government did not buy all those material from the market and waste or export back to other countries. However this time already almost all the chemical thread was finished.
    o Do the government ever thinks why there were no cases on the streets, which are surrounded by the trees because trees protect the environment from all disasters.
    o Why all the cases happened on the bridges and areas where the streets are broad and no trees on the both side, government should install fast growing trees on the both side.
    o Why all the victims are on the bike instead of cycle.

    Adverse affects from stopping the kite flying

    Sir at this time at least four hundred thousand peoples are directly involved from this industry. And more than nine hundred thousand peoples are directly or in directly involved in this industry. Sir at this time already more then millions of Pakistanis are without the job or any occupation. Does the government wants to make more than one million more without jobs and occupation. Most of the peoples without occupation will be future terrorist, do you want to make them terrorist. Kindly don’t stop it in four of millions of peoples. Only implement the policies strictly.

    1) Make the specific areas for kite flying Permanently.
    2) Announces the specific dates for kite flying 2 to 3 months before the basant.
    3) Determine the maximum size of the kite.
    4) Determine the maximum strength of thread.
    5) Use the cotton thread instead of polyester thread.
    6) Cut of the use of Fish thread, metallic wire and high strength threads totally.
    7) Determine the KITE flying zones with huge grounds for kite flying around the year.
    8) Install the wire net on the sensitive overhead and broad bridges.
    9) Install the fast growing tress on the both sides of the road either that is a street or main road.

    We request you to allow the kite flying in favor of Companies Business Future. Don’t make the million of peoples without occupation and also allow the forign Billions Dollars of business comes to Pakistan, which will happen on this event.

  21. hey guys again there’s a sad news that our goverment hasn’t allowed us to celebrate basant punjab goverment didn’t permitted us to celebrate basant well this is not at all fair with us well i also agree with this friend so basant shouldn’t be banned and it’s a part of our culture and not a hindu culture plz sir we really want to celebrate this day and it only comes once in a year plz give us permission to celebrate basant

  22. HAI GUYS,,,,,,,,,,,,,









    NOT FOR BAN…………………….


  23. well yeh to tumnay buhat achi baat kahi hai per shaid aaj ka akbaar nahi phaara tumnay humary nayay governer sahaab nay kaha hai kay aagar loog unhain is baat ki garentte dain kay koi jaani ya maani nuksaan nahi hoga to shaid basant ki ijazaat mill sakti hai per humari awayam hi itanani begairat hogayi hai kay valenties day jaisa din jokay humara nahi hai usko celebrate kerti hai aur sharab wagaiara peeti hai aagar is din per bain laag jayayay to kaisa rahay ga lekin humari hakumat ko itanai akaal kahan jin cheezoon per unko pabandi laagani chahay thi unper to nahi laagayi jaisay kay jahaiz jokay eik bechara gareeb adami nahi day sakta us per pabandi nahi hai aur na hi valgar dances jo aaj kaal humari punjabi movies main chall rahay hain unper to pabandi nahi laagayi jin per laagayi hai unmain saab say phellay basant phir shaadi kay kahnoon per pabandi hai sirf loog one dish day sakaty hain aur kuch nahi meri aapni punjab ki hakumat say aur sardar-e-pakistan janab asif ali zardari wazir-e-azam janab yousaf raza gillani wazir-e-allah miyan shahbaz shariff dco sahab aur wazir qanoon babar awan sahaab say guzaarish hai kay jin baatoon ka maine is topic main likha hai janab un per pabandi laaga dijyayay aur meri lahore ki awam say bhi guzaarish hai kay aagar eik din kay liye basant ki ijazaat mill jayayaygi to plz aap loog aapni hifazat khud ki jayayay aur jin loogoon kay pass moter cycles hain woh plz halmet phen ker bahaar nikalay is say yeh hoga kay jaani aur maani nuksaan kaam hoga aur to aur mooti door jis per chemical laaga hota hai usko khareednay say guraiz kerain aagar hum in cheezoon per amal keraingay to hosakta hai kay basant ki ijazaat mill sakti hai

  24. plzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz open the basant plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz open the basant plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzz

  25. well listen mukhtar bhai who ever u are in loogoon say kuch bhi kehna galat hoga kyunkay yeh loog buhat hi baigarat loog hain insay itana nahi hoya kay jaab yeh chemical walli doar start hoyai thi aagar yeh loog us waqt us chemical per bain laaga detay to shaid basant hojati per muhjay to aab poora yaqeen hai kay aaglay saal bhi insay koi umeed nahi rakhi ja sakti kyunkay jin cheezoon per inko bain laagana chahay to usper woh nahi laagayaingay yeh kiya jaanay humari feelings ko aagar koi khuda ka farishta ah jayayay to shaid kuch hosakta hai lekin bahans kay aagay been bajanay say koi fiayda nahi hoga aab isliye meri aap saab say guzaarish hai kay abhi kuch dair kay liye aap loog basant ka khiyal aapnay dil aur damag say nikaal dain jaab waqt sahi ayayayga to shaid kuch hoyayga

  26. well aagar hum loog mill ker kuch kersaktay hain to yeh kay aagar hum loog us chemical walli doarain khareedna chor dain aur dusari poorani doarain lena start kerdain to hosakta hai kay basant ki permission mill sakti hai well i am lubna kaleem aur main basant kay bain kay sakhat khilaaf hoon aur meri guzarish hai lahore kay loogoon say aur un loogon say bhi kay khuda kay liye us chemical ka istamal baand kerdain aur poorani doarain istamal kerni start kerdain

  27. well aab koi faiyda nahi hai kyunkay jaab taak rana sana ullah aur ahad cheema jaisay loog politics main hain woh kabhi bhi basant nahi honay daingay aap loogoon ko pata hai kay quetta aur kasur main bhi basant hogayi hai bus lahore badnaseeb shahair hai jahaan basant yeh loog nahi honay day rahay to hum kuch bhi nahi kersaktay

  28. dear sir mera naam lubna kaleem hai aur maine phellay bhi is website per comments diyay hain aur aaj bhi main wohi comment dena chahti hoon aur woh yeh kay saal 2012 jo 2 months kay baad anay walla hai us saal humay plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lahore main feburary kay month main jokay spring ka month hai usmain basant mananay ki ijaazaat day di jayayay aur meri yeh guzaarish wazir-e-alla miyaan shahbaz shariff say aur wazeer-e-qanoon rana sana ullah say hai kay baachari gareeb awam ka kya qasoor hai jinsay aap loogoon nay yeh kushi cheen li jo saal main eik dafa aati hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir main aap loogoon say haath jor ker guzaarish kerti hoon kay 2012 jo kay 2 months kay baad anay walla hai taab lahore ko basant mananay ki ijaazaat day di jayayay aur meri lahore ki awam say bhi guzaarish hai kay aagar humari nojawan nasaal basant manana chahti hai to unko mananay diya jayayay unnsay unki yeh kushi na cheeni jayayay lekin haan basant ko eik festival ki taraha celebrate kiya jayayay issay kisi ka katil baana ker na celebrate kiya jayayay

  29. lubna i am wid you

  30. itna lamba chora msg akrny ki kya zarorat hai jo qomain apni pehchan any tehvar bhol jati hain on ki koi bhi identification nahi rehti hai yeh koi mazhbi tehvar hai nahi jo ghalt samjh jay its a cultural destival is ma agar hum manany ma pichy reh gay to bht jald apni pehcan bhol jaingy hum log ….

  31. The first time I went to Lahore (am from USA) I had traveled and been awake for almost three days..I arrived in the early morning hours and was whisked away to an awaiting bed on the rooftop of the house where i fell fast asleep. Many hours later I awoke with my eyes slowly opening to the sight of the sky filled with kites of all colors and sizes spinning and diving and the sound of the Azan (which I was hearing in person for the first time in my life ) …..people were laughing and singing flying their kites on the roof tops and the smell of turmeric and onions and cilantro filled my nose. Tears came to my eyes as I was overwhelmed with the feeling that one gets after having been away from home for a long time. I will never forget that moment. Please I beg you ….let the kites fly …they are the history and legacy of Lahore and Pakistan and if you throw this tradition away then you also throw a part of Pakistan away.

  32. well i am lubna kaleem and i am the most craziest fan of basant and i really beg the goverment of pakistan and governer miyan shahbaz shariff to give permission to us to celebrate basant it’s not a religion that which should be stopped and shouldn’t be celebrated it’s just a fun which our people like and it’s a fesitival so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir give us the permission to celebrate basant

  33. yr ………….basant ka dusmanoooooooooooooo . is basant sa tumha kaya masla .

  34. hi guys i know that how much we lahorians are dying to celebrate basant but these buggers of our goverment until they are here they will not let us celebrate basant if these buggers would have captured that chemical in the year when parvaiz musharaf was our presedent it wouldn’t have been banned in lahore as it’s a festival whom they call that it’s a murder of 1000 people plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i really want to request mr shahbaz shariff to give us the permission to celebrate basant basant is a festival whom they call that it’s a hindu thing it’s not a hindu thing it’s just a day when we welcome spring

  35. bhi koi yeh sawal humaray wazeer-e-alla miyan shahbaz shariff say ja ker yeh poochay kay un dukaan daroon ka kya kasoor hai jinko peechay say woh chemical walli dor supply hoti hai aur un looggoon ka jinko basant celebrate kernay ka shoack hai meri yeh guzaarish hai miyan shahbaz shariff say kay saal main eik dafa basant celebrate kernay ka myuka atta hai to khuda kay liye bajayay basant per pabandi laaganay kay un loogoon ko pakarain jo yeh chemical walli dorain un dukaan daroon ko supply kertay hain kash kay uncle shahbaz shariff nay phellay kuch socha hota aur koi action liya hota un qatilloon ko pakarnay ka to aaj basant per pabandi na laagti main to aaj bhi is pabandi kay khilaaf hoon aur aagar dekha jayayay to haar saal pakistan kay chotay sheroon main basant celebrate ki jaati hai to lahore ka kya kasoor hai jahaan eik zamanay main itanai achi basant manyi jaati thi per aaj aagar dekha jayayay to humaray haram khor hakumat kay loog jinmain rana sanaullah sahab aur ahad cheema jaisay gadaar loog hain woh nahi chahtay kay lahoreiyoon ko basant jaisa khobsoorat tahwar manany diya jayayay meri governer latif khosa sahab aur miyan shahbaz shariff say guzarish hai kay anay wallay saal 2012 main humay lahoreiyoon ko basant manany ki ijazaat day di jayayay aur un dukan daroon ko yeh notice diya jayayay kay woh pinoon walli dorain bazaar main farokht kerain bajayayay yeh charkiyaan farokht kernay kay

  36. hey friends dont worry basant ho jaye gi insha allah waisy too may quetta may rahta magar meri dill say dua hay kay shabaz sharief sahab basant ki ijazt day dain app logo ko ………..

  37. aur jaisy hi may u tube ya kisi news chanel wagyra par daikho ga app logo ko inform kar doo ga ok friends

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