For the love of art and photography

* Paintings of Old Lahore on display at Royaat, photographs of fresco art at Rohtas 2

Staff Report

LAHORE: The city’s art aficionados were treated to burst of colour once again as two exhibitions titled the ‘Old Lahore’ and ‘We are the Mirror and the Face in It’ opened at the Royaat Art Gallery and the Rohtas 2 respectively on Thursday.

‘Old Lahore’ was a group show showcasing paintings by senior artists including Mehmood Ali, Zafar Iqbal, Sarfraz Musawwir, Munawar Mohiuddin, Neela Aamir and Ejaz Anwar.

The paintings included depictions of various places and buildings of old Lahore. Not only is the true aura and beauty of the old city brilliantly captured on canvas but the paintings also allow a close glimpse into life in the ancient city.

Paintings included beautiful displays of the Basant festival with splashes of colour as well as the antiquated architecture of the Walled City.

A total of 35 paintings were put on display with prices ranging between Rs 15,000 to Rs 45,000. The exhibition will continue for ten days. Simultaneously, a photography exhibition by Sadaf Chughtai opened at the Rohtas 2. The exhibition features photographs of contemporary fresco art at the Lahore Fort.

“The surface of a historical monument is much more complex than its physical composition. It bears the mark of the maker, the invader, the conqueror, the resident and the visitor. It stands as witness not only to a history of glory but also the inglorious. How do we want to see our history? How do we want to see ourselves? We are both, the mirror, and the face in it,” Sadaf said about her works.

She expressed immense gratitude to the Punjab Archaeology Department for facilitating her photographic endeavours.

“The selective framing of the images in Sadaf Chughtai’s long-awaited body of work, attempts not only to document the visible and historic but strives to add layer to social attitude in asserting one’s existence and being: a result of cultural history,” said Farida Batool.

The exhibition will remain open until February 28.


2 responses to “For the love of art and photography

  1. I wish we could see some of the exibits here.

  2. Hi All,
    Does anyone has clue when BASANT will be celebrated this year 2011 in Lahore?

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