Pakistan Fashion Week lights up Lahore

By Halima Khan

Saturday night Royal Palm kick started the much controversy stricken and the much awaited and the much talked about but Lahore’s very own and very first Fashion Week. Cooperate commercialism has been kind once again and the event is being publicized as Sunsilk fashion Week. The grandeur of Royal Palm and Golf Club does justice to the glitz and ripples Pakistan fashion industry definitely causes now. Colors splashed in ways many out of us never deemed a possibility. The world sat up and took notice, they were forced to. Executed with class and hints of demure talent was amply obvious even to the blind. Pakistan Fashion Design Council the organizers of the even managed to not go wrong with almost anything. 

Governor Salman Taseer and US Consulate Principal Officer Carmela Conroy played chief guest at the opening reception which was prelude to a four-day event and the galore of 32 designers. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad came together as emerging and existing and the struggling and the established all came together to define Pakistan fashion in their own enlightened way. 

Eight ramp shows, eight designers, twenty creations each; no 24 hour day gets more lucky with style than this.

For those who might feel in such tragic times of such turmoil flaunting color to crème de la crème is frivolous and nothing but. Then Nickie Nina corrects them with their political awareness:

“We are honored to be a part of this event and to be showcasing our couture collection here in Lahore. We have drawn inspiration from the courageous women of Swat, and our spring/summer collection is a tribute to their dignity and honor.” 

Also Sehyr Saigol, chairperson PFDC, also reminds how fashion is more: “It is an occasion of immense pleasure for PFDC to bring its first ever fashion week to Lahore. Along with presenting both cutting edge and classic designs of over 32 designers from across Pakistan, this event will also work towards formalizing the processes needed to help commercialize Pakistan’s fashion industry. Indeed the main objectives of this week are not only to showcase the country’s diverse repertoire of creative talent but to cerate meaningful business relationships, and to facilitate interaction between the designers, the buyers and the media.”

* All Photos above are courtesy of AFP Photos

4 responses to “Pakistan Fashion Week lights up Lahore

  1. This fashion show and Express Festival were really a sigh of relief for Lahorites.

  2. lahore is the best place for fashion in pakistan and i think fashiobn strts frm lahore

  3. it relly was a superb show

  4. est or west lahore is the best

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