Lahore: Rant n Rave Unrelenting

By: Halima Khan

While I rant to prove how passionately Lahori believe in preserving their taste buds it will be unfair of me to neglect the cultural activity and the entertainment this city is bursting with. But then of course no denying that it all does end up on food! The wedding season which seems to be in season all year round but reaches the climax around November and December and lasts till February? Wedding can be considered the most elaborate occasion on the family event calendar with ‘dholkis’ ‘mayo’ ‘mehndi’ etc spanning over months before the eventual day. Fun and frivolities mark the celebration all through. The preparations involve shopping and the dowry for the bride, which is a traditional gift of clothes, furniture etc to the newly weds. The exquisiteness of the lavish food is the real delight of this whole affair.


To add to this traditional and religious celebration of matrimony Lahore hosts people from worldwide to welcome spring annually and to boost its festivity of Basant. Kite-flying and dance and music mark the occasion, giving people an opportunity of entertainment. These opportunities of entertainment are definitely not rare in Lahore. Independence Day in August shows the same fervor and free spirit that Punjabis boost of.

However every year what really puts Lahore on the international platform is the World Performing Arts Festival; where the only language that binds everyone is art. To add to this ritual of promoting peace and inter-cultural exchange another event that is gaining momentum is the Annual Marathon.

4 responses to “Lahore: Rant n Rave Unrelenting

  1. Sadaf Chughtai

    We havent had Basant in THREE LONG YEARS, what are you talking about? If anything The culture and “raw energy” is dying and someone should be thinking about how to get things going than writing fake fluff about the city that sounds outdated, irrelevent, elitist and extremely detached from the spirit of the city.

  2. What one feels to ones own city is only relevent to one own self. What is irrelevent is such childish judgement.

  3. Hi All,
    Does anyone has clue when BASANT will be celebrated this year 2011 in Lahore?

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