City shifts to candlelight amid unending blackouts

Daily Times reporting:

LAHORE: The unending scourge of prolonged and unscheduled load shedding has forced people to resort to other sources for ‘lighting up their lives’, with candles being the most popular. According to a survey, candles of all shapes and sizes have almost disappeared from the market and those available are being sold at exorbitant rates. A standard-sized candle – which was available for around Rs 8 before the recent spell of load shedding began – is now being sold between Rs 10 and Rs 15, while a large-sized candle costs anywhere from Rs 25 to Rs 40. Amanat Ali, a candle dealer at Mochhi Gate, told Daily Times that he had been forced to increase the prices of candles as the production cost has increased. He, however, denied any ‘artificially-created’ shortage of candles in the market. “Candles are short in the market because of high demand and limited supply,” he added, hoping things would get back to normal as soon as load shedding reduces. Candle-Makers Association Lahore President Ghulam Rasul urged the government to announce a special incentive package for the candlelight industry. “The reason for such high rates of candles is the rising prices of wax and thread,” he added. Moreover, prices of artificial lights and battery-operated gadgets have also skyrocketed – beyond the reach of a common man. Demand for emergency lights has also increased following the unscheduled and prolonged load shedding and they are being sold at 20 to 30 percent higher prices. staff report

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