Zebunnisa’s tender gardens – now ruins

A hurried picture taken of Chauburji, Lahore. I wish someone would plant more trees around this dying monument. Raza


10 responses to “Zebunnisa’s tender gardens – now ruins

  1. Dear Raza we the citizens need to take up your wonderful suggestion to plant trees around this dying monument. We would need to work out a simple plan to take care of the tender saplings.

    What do you say? Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Afshan Bokhari

    This monument has been erroneously attributed to Zebunissa and is instead her aunt Jahan Ara Begum’s patronage. Inscriptions on the structure confirm this attribution. I agree that it should be restored and all the dope and heroine smokers that hang out there should discontinue their filthy habits in the context of this beautiful monument and memory of a princess!

  3. Dear Afshan
    Are you sure about the Chauburji. SM Latif attributes the inscription and building to Princess Zebunnisa. I would be most interested in the reference that you may have.

  4. brother i have been admireing your work since i joined this website and i am very glad to see that not only me but alot others care about this city.regarding the gardens i would like to mention that it is very true that we need plantation ,not only in old monuments and around but in evey house . i belive that the govt should make a law that every person who owns a kanal must plant atleast one tree on that kanal

  5. Rao Saheb
    I am with you in this endeavour. Let us plan something. We must fill in the gap where the state is failing.

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  7. What beautiful tile work.One can only imagine its glory when the entire structure was intact.

  8. Friend the state is inefficient and heavily overloaded in activities which lead to enrichment and grandeur. I trust many citizens would be happy to follow you. Please draw up a plan and give us lead in this environmental endeavor . Best wishes.

  9. I’m in Lahore for 2 weeks, but I dont no this garden, wher is it ? THANKS

  10. I’m in Lahore for 2 weeks, but I dont no this garden, where is it ? Thanks

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