Chauburji in Lahore

Chauburji in Lahore, originally uploaded by Jahane Rumi.

6 responses to “Chauburji in Lahore

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  2. Between 1973-75, when I lived in Lahore there were far fewer trees and plants. I was working in Anarkali’s Tomb and people there often lamented that Chauburji was just being left to rot. I remember only dirt and trash around the base. It looks a lot better in your picture. I suppose it is a matter of perspective and possibilities.

  3. I saw Chauburgi ….a well kept heritage monument …..for that matter -one of things that really made me one wid lahore was the way heritage had been preserved and highlighted . There was respect for the old buildings and ppl were proud about their preservation . Sadly this aspect is missing in Amritsar ..and my heart cries for the abject negligence in preserving some of the former glorious structures in our city ….

  4. Bass pakistan mein aik lahore aur karachi he tho hain. Nice pic

  5. Give me some sugestion about the present situation of Chauburji in Lahore.

  6. I Qaimuddin from Umerkot sind, due to some kinds of work i visited lahore in MArch 2011, before it i heared ” jny lahore ni vekhya o jmya e ni” after visitin i feel that “me to aj e jmy hn” i Love Lahore, and i rested in chouburje at my friends house, who give me lots of respects.

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