Lohari gate – entrance with anti-itch remedies

8 responses to “Lohari gate – entrance with anti-itch remedies

  1. So sad =/
    Also, have a look at the entrance to Delhi Gate, where they’ve even made a girl’s school! Inside the gate building! Funnily enough, the ad for the girl’s school is sponsored by some ‘Whitening Cream’

    • is that you arzoo. I visit Lahorenama from time to time.good to see you in here as well.Have you actually seen Dehli gate yourself? or you are talking about its picture.

  2. Really sad. So discouraging o all specially foreign tourists. Wher is Government , NGO and Civil Society ?

  3. plz give me aakrra number

  4. Hi
    any one can have new picture of lohari gate or video i like that gate

  5. one five gate out of 13 survive of old Lahore and most of interior Lahore have been reconstruct. i suggest that every one have to visit old Lahore and its maze of streets and bazars

  6. Akilah Stinehelfer

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