Hindu mythology cartoons

Punjab govt goes after Hindu mythology cartoons.

According to the 1998 census, 1.6 per cent of Pakistan’s population is Hindu.

Eminent artist and former principal of Lahore’s National College of Arts Salima Hashmi questioned the decision to form a committee for this purpose.

“Why doesn’t the government make a committee to know the root cause of militancy and why doesn’t it set up committees to find reasons of young children becoming suicide attackers?” she questioned.

Hashmi said that in India the number of Muslims was greater than the number of Muslims in Pakistan, so if Muslim children in India were not affected by mythology cartoons, why would children in Pakistan be affected? Hashmi told The Express Tribune, “Isn’t there anything constructive that they can work on? Why waste time on setting up such committees and inquiring into such matters which are not pertinent in the current situation?”

6 responses to “Hindu mythology cartoons


  2. Salima may be right, but it’s better to avoid another possible issue by banning these cartoons. It most certainly does create confusion in children.

  3. Thank you have nice sharing. prevented the use of children as suicide commando

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