Attack On Sherry Rehman: A Black Day for Democracy

By Aamir Mansoor

As a Pakistani who has long believed in democratic values and has also fought for them and as a person who has always believed that a democratic party like the PPP should be the torch bearer of democratic values that will serve the citizens of Pakistan, I am appalled at the attack that took place on Sherry Rehman’s house.

It was obvious from the nature of the gathering and slogans of the attackers outside Sherry Rehman’s house that the event was organized by her own party leadership. If my understanding is incorrect then why has no major PPP leader including the Co-Chairperson openly condemned the attack on their own colleague.

The all-knowing Sharmila Farooqui who only recently became a member of the party passed it on as a normal reaction of the PPP’ s workers to Sherry Rheman appearing on Geo News which is supposedly being boycotted by the PPP. A party such as the PPP is now resorting to blocking the media if it is not being supportive of the present government. So the question is “ What has happened to the democratic ideals and the media policy of the PPP listed in its manifesto?”

God help Pakistan if this hounding of such outstanding party leaders like Sherry Rehman, is now the culture of the new PPP. After her resignation, the lady has behaved with dignity and has always defended the party and its leadership. Is this the way she is to be repaid for her belief in democracy and ethical politics? Not a word of condemnation against the protesters and no inquiry into this terrible incident? Is the PPP leadership going to adopt fascist ways to block out dissent from within the party? We have to all stand up and say no to all this. And we need to do it now!

Aamir Mansoor is a citizen activist based in Islamabad

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