More rare photos of Lahore

General view of Lahore looking E

Runjit Singh’s palace in Lahore Fort –

Runjit Singh’s tomb, from the Huzoori Bagh, Lahore

Jehangir’s tomb in the Shadra Gardens, Lahore

Wuzeer Khans Mosque,from the Quadrangle. Lahore

2 responses to “More rare photos of Lahore

  1. Dr.Naeem A Jamil

    Interesting photographs.Probably they were circulated as Post Cards.Most of these Photo Cards were printed in 1930-early 1940 period.I have a collection of Original Photographs of Lahore taken in 1916-17 by a British Officer and later period in 1930’s.I intend to share these momentos with the readers at a later date.It includes an Aerial Photographs of Native Lahore (Walled City) and European Lahore as the areas were then called in 1934.A Rarity.

    • Dr. Naeem,

      Do you have access to a high quality scanner…? What you say you have is needs to be scanned preserved and shared with all…

      Buzz me if you need help in digitizing your collection.

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