Salmaan Taseer
Salmaan Taseer, the 26th Governor of the Punjab, was assassinated by a member of his own Elite Force police bodyguard on January 04, 2011.

In honour of his memory and ideals, his bravery and his determination, the civil society of Pakistan gathered in Islamabad to hold a candle-light vigil.

Vigil 1

Vigil 2

Vigil 3

Vigil 4

Elsewhere in the Punjab, where Taseer was a prominent politician and the gatekeeper between the PPP’s federal setup and its provincial party members, riots ensued in shock and anger for how a Governor was shot in broad daylight.

Civil unrest was also possible because of conservative religious parties and sectarian groups praising the Governor’s assassin, and threatening mourners that they will meet the same fate.



  1. Khurram Shahzad

    well i totally condemn this Salman Taseer murder on false religious basis….i am so surprised about people of Pakistan that how they are supporting his barbarian act……look at ur past how Mullahs killed thousands of people by bomb blasting in cities and now how brutally he killed salman taseer by saying he has no regret on his wicked act….and where are country’s human rights??? what does this ignorant man want to prove his self? what type of message e delivered to rest of the world???? that our religious Islam is a so called peaceful Religious???? no i dont think so!!!!!!!! i think by is act world ll knw the true picture of Islam that Islam is a fascist ideology which is full of hatefulness submission and anything else i should say about that it is a culture of backwardness,, of Reive,,of retardness and of barbarism…i am very sorry to say no other religion on earth with a holly book dominated by hatefulness towards the non believers……and so sad Mr Salman Taseer raised a voice against this religious crime…but unfortunately he lost his own life by one Ignorant bastered….so Allah Hafiz to all minorities of Pakistan…..:(

  2. Subhash Parihar

    I pay homage to Salmaan Taseer in the words of a progressive Punjabi poet Jaimal Padda who had also fell to the bullets of Khalsitani extremists:
    Pair sulan te vi nachde raehnge
    rajinama waqt naal karna nahin
    [we shall keep walking on thorns
    But no compromise with [wrong] times.
    I feel a bit relieved by seeing the people of Pakistan raising their voice against the block-headed maulanas who have threatened people not even to express their grief on the assassination of a fearless voice.

  3. I wonder if there is any genuine religious emotions behind such acts.Looking at the smirk on the assasin’s face, I think it’s more of one-upmanship that most in Pakistan are trying for.

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