Vigil in the memory of Lahore’s brave son – Salmaan Taseer (shaheed)

TODAY – Friday, January 7 · 5:00 pm
Location -Main Gate, Governors House
Please come. Spread the word, too. In the memory of a man who did not give up his principles

4 responses to “Vigil in the memory of Lahore’s brave son – Salmaan Taseer (shaheed)

  1. Aslam-o-Alaikum !

    A “vigil” an alien festive call ! Does this has to do anything with Islam or Pakistan ?

    • Mr.Mehmood
      Islam is also alien to this land it was brought by Muhammad bin Qasim in the 7th century and reached Punjab only in 1000AD. There is nothing un-islamic about remembering people and sharing your grief with a candle in your hand, and Islam is a religion spread across a variety of cultures, it does not dictate culture. You will not find any example in history to support this only cases cited out of context like Maulvi’s like to do. Go do some reading and get yourself some descent exposure. The governor has been killed because some fundo’s want to incite violence in this country by misleading the masses and i believe that you are also under their spell. My question to you is What did this killing have to do with Pakistan or Islam? I believe nothing at all!

  2. Midfield Dynamo

    In the words of Mr. Finkle Salman Taseer needed killing.

    How was it that the governor of Punjab, the largest, most affluent, with the opposition in power, having received death threats, controversial on his stand on the Blasphemy law, walks out into a market to lunch at a public restaurant and was complacent enough to meander in front of live weapons albeit guards provided for his own protection providing an opportunity to be shot. The protocol required the ADC to precede the Governor, take stock of the situation and then escort him out in a way that he slips into the car door with as little time of exposure as possible, the car is parked with the entry door towards the exit of the building with the door open to ensure a seamless departure. At this point the security detail should be sitting in the vehicle, ready to escort the VIP carrier quickly out of the scene which would have attracted a lot of attention by this time. If there was need of having guards on the ground with their weapons on the ready, it is guard leader who is controlling the process and is closest to the VIP providing a human shield and most ready to shoot. Obviously none of this happened, no one even tried to shoot the assassin, which leads one to conclude that there was perhaps a conspiracy.

    The possible beneficiaries from his death could be the a) religious extremists, which they have made it clearly known through public statements and Facebook and other blogs, b) political adversaries a lot of them would surely want him dead but not at the cost of their own political future, c) could be the establishment as a diversionary tactic form the current political turmoil, d) a ruse by the intelligence agencies at the behest of the army to pave the way for another coup, e) could it be a self inflicted wound by the ruling majority again to divert the attention of the public from internal strife or ‘crying wolf’ to an international audience for more drastic aid measures, especially when President Zardari is due to visit the USA to attend the last right of Richard Holbrooke, or given the complexity of the situation there could be a host of other reasons.

    If there was none of the above and it was just some trigger happy self proclaimed jihadist, then the people responsible for giving him that post will need to give some serious expalinations.


  3. Subhash Parihar

    Salmaan Taasir really deserved to be called a Shaheed. Bakaul Faiz Saheb
    Jis dhaj se koi maqtal mein gaya woh shaan salamat rehti hai
    yeh jaan to aani jaani hai,is jaan ki koi baat nahi

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