“Vulgar” Bollywood songs banned in Lahore

By Steven Baker, Bollywood Reporter

Ali Zafar
Bollywood song and dance sequences have been banned by a performing arts council in Pakistan.

The Lahore Arts Council made the decision to ban Indian film performances on account of their “vulgar” content, Hindustan Times reports.

Speaking about the change, Pakistani artist Usman Peerzada commented: “Quite often, the dance performances in these commercial theatre productions are vulgar. The performances have no theme or relevance.

“It’s better to ban such plays in their entirety instead of allowing them to have dances.”

Chaudhary Zulfiqar Ahmad, chairman of the Commercial Theatre Producers’ Association, argued against the ruling, stating: “This ban will have major financial repercussions on commercial theatre.”

A number of Pakistani performers including Zafar Ali and Atif Aslam have secured recent success within Hindi cinema

Source: http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/bollywood/news/a304128/vulgar-bollywood-songs-banned-in-lahore.html#

5 responses to ““Vulgar” Bollywood songs banned in Lahore

  1. It is better to ban the vulgar dance and content.It is the primary duty of the writers and producers to avoid such situation.

  2. i like last comment my comments are same as it is

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