Student Biryani

By Aqeel Ahmad

I think now it is official that Lahoris, despite all the struggles, could not come up with a successful biryani. I admit this with utmost distress that all the Lahori restaurants that have had biryani on their menu, haven’t been able to go past a typical Pulao. It caused half of the Lahori population to misunderstand the true taste and potential of biryani and the other half to hate it. Biryani Express (sindhi recipe) first and now Student biryani from Karachi have jumped in to fill the gap. I am not sure about Biryani express, but Student biryani has been a perfect hit so far.

Take a trip to the fortress stadium and you will find Student biryani right next to the Joyland. They started in Lahore only a few months ago so the interior is new and tidy so far. It is even better than the ones in Karachi.

Student biryani is a variant of the Bombay biryani and therefore includes potatoes in the most tender, yet undamaged, form. Rice grains are soft but separate from each other, almost religiously following the definition of an ideal biryani. Taste is better than just good. You will begin to feel the aroma as soon as it is served and it will follow you even after you have left the restaurant. If you had it in lunch, Occasional belches will keep reminding you of the same aroma for the rest of the day, but that can be a bit annoying of course. My fellow readers who have been to Karachi or southern India will instantly recall the fragrance and the ones who have not been there will not be able to forget it.

Price range: Rs. 100-200
Cleanliness: Good


5 responses to “Student Biryani

  1. ooo… wow!! want to have one plate right now :p

  2. home delivery??????

  3. today i went there fortress branch.taste ws nt gud & i found a small piece of wire from it.mnager excused 4 it .they increase price bt standard is below mall road branch one can observe cockroaches walking on floor.its unhygenic & w are buying diseases. i wl not go again.god bless thm.

  4. one is neaar pu campus owsuuuum one

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