Shalimar Gardens

By Ambreen Salman

Located in the heart of the district,east of Lahore,Shalimar Garden is surrounded by acres of manicured, superb gardens for your enjoyment and relaxation. Emperor Jehangir built this beautiful Garden for his beloved wife Nur Jehan,thus preserving his love forever and making way for future lovers.The word “Shalimar” means, the purest of human pleasures. It was completed between 1639 and 1641 in the reign of Emperor Shah Jehan.The gardens are an excellent place to escape the noise and the hussle bustle of the city .

This has every touch you can imagine to make your stay a romantic one. Renowned for beauty and magnificance you will be treated to unrivalled attentiveness to make your time extra special. Enjoy romantic strolls through our Farah Baksh meaning bestower of pleasure ,Faiz Baksh meaning bestower of goodness ,Hayat Baksh meaning bestower of life.
Relax in the colonnade around the lake and take in the country air and enjoy the cascades of fountains all around, more than 400 fountains cover this vast garden .Its triple-terraced gardens decorated with marble pavilions, ornamental pools, water falls and fountains, make it one of the world’s finest Persian gardens.

The garden is distributed in sections :

Sawan Bhadum pavilions
Naqar Khana and its buildings
Khwabgah or Sleeping chambers
Hammam or Royal bath
The Aiwan or Grand hall
Aramgah or Resting place
Khawabgah of Begum Sahib or Dream place of the emperor’s wife Baradaries or summer pavilions to enjoy the coolness created by the Gardens’ fountains
Diwan-e-Khas-o-Aam or Hall of special & ordinary audience with the emperor
Two gateways and minarets in the corners of the Gardens.

4 responses to “Shalimar Gardens

  1. Lt Col (r) Ejaz Nazim

    1. Emperor Jehangeer died in 1627. AD
    2. His son Emperor Shahjehan ascended the the throne in 1628 AD.
    3. Shahjehan started construction of Shalimar Gardens at Lahore in 1641 AD ie, a good 14 years after Jehangeer’s death.
    4. I shall be obliged if Ms Ambreen Salman could please throw some light on source of this new information that this garden was started by Jehangeer?

  2. not so good

  3. Dr. Shaukat Mahmood

    Most of the spellings are incorrect even those written by Ejaz Nazim saheb.

  4. Dr. Shaukat Mahmood

    Most of the spellings are incorrect even those given by Ejaz Nazim saheb, sorry.

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