Ustad Allah Bux: Connection of Art Creativity and Life

By Rai Muhammad Azlan Shahid

Art and creativity has some strong connection. All those art pieces touch the level of the masterpieces when the artwork embraces the creativity. The Mona Lisa of Leonardo, Gracon a la Pipe of Picasso, Massacre of the Innocents by Peter Paul Rubens, or any other masterpiece all had one thing common and that was creativity. Stanford Encyclopaedia of philosophy claims that definition of art is controversial but still oxford dictionary defines it as, “work produced by human creative skill and imagination”. So, the creativity part never let art alone even in the definition. Experts say that creativity is the inclination to produce ideas, alternative, possibilities to deal with the issues, communication with others, and entertaining. At times creativity give all of these sub products at a time and sometimes one or two of them, but the thing is sure that anyone of them will have to be present for the creativity.
Why suddenly a person like me who is still a tyro when it comes to aesthetics is talking about art and creativity? The answer to the question is, “A Typical Village Day Starter”, a Painting by Ustad Allah Buksh. If you ever got chance to visit Lahore Museum and you came across to the artwork session than it can be seen there. Confession! I have never seen it but out of nowhere heard about it. And since I have heard about it, I started searching it on the web, and sharing it below.
There are two teams and farmers working according to their job description. What is so creative about it? It was the question in my head, and only a person who can assay art and understand artwork of Ustad Allah Buksh had the answer to it. Long story short there is something called “Perspective point” in the language of fine arts and this painting is a masterpiece of a kind using that technique. It makes one feel that bulls are moving. This painting can stupefy the one who try to have a deep view of the paining (and here I mean the real painting) start to swap his position from right to left and left to right just to confirm if they are moving for real. This result came out of a small discussion with an Art literate person.
Today in the era of digital art this might be an easy job but for a person who born in 1885 this has been a real outcome of hard work, and planning of delivering some creativity. As many of our accomplishments; in Pakistan this one is also suffering from dilemma, there are a very few true art lovers in the country who understand what art actually is and there is a majority of people who do not even know what art is so understanding such creative work sounds stultify. This painting is in Lahore museum but the very few know about it, and if this painting is not the part of course of Masters in Fine Arts than I am sure this number of “very few people” will reach even lower degree of iota.
Art and creativity is an important thing in life. If living life is an art than “to live a great life” is the creativity and to achieve that level of creativity one must know what creativity is, what creative work others have done, and how one can be creative even in doing little things. Therefore, it can only be done when the horizons of our visions are broad learning new things are the part of the big picture. Moreover, if that level cannot be achieved than master pieces like the above painting will remain unknown.

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One response to “Ustad Allah Bux: Connection of Art Creativity and Life

  1. A Great Art.

    Good work by Great Artist

    presenting our values with great art work.

    Well done

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