Lohari Gate of Lahore, A Rare Image.

A rare image of Lahori Gate, one of the 13 gates of Lahore. It was taken by an unknown photographer in 1900.


Posted by: Shiraz Hassan




4 responses to “Lohari Gate of Lahore, A Rare Image.

  1. Lahore looks so cool and serene.
    Thanks Mr Shiraz Hassan, keep it up.

  2. Its pictures like these that provide us with the marvels of historic Lahore. Thanks Shiraz Hassan

  3. Its a masterpiece photograph. Lahore looking bindas in this pre-partition photo. notice the dressing of people, it is the same dhoti-kurta and pagdi which is traditional dressing of people in the whole of the north-west India. It is in itself an evidence of common culture in the north-west part of the sub-continent. by the way its a superb historical document.

  4. panjdaria@gmail.com

    I think the picture in the right side indicates a Hindu. Because of his style of dress.

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