House of Indian Actor Om Prakash, Walled City Lahore

House of Indian actor Om Prakash, Koocha Beli Ram inside walled City of Lahore
Om Prakash played the leading man in films like Dus LakhAnnadata and Charandas. His pivotal roles in the films Dil Daulat DuniyaChupke ChupkeJulieJoroo Ka GhulamAa Gale Lag JaaPyar Kiye Jaa and Buddha Mil Gaya are considered to be among his best along with Daddu in Namak Halaal and De Silva in Zanjeer.
Photos by: Syed Haider Mehdi
Posted by: Shiraz Hassan






8 responses to “House of Indian Actor Om Prakash, Walled City Lahore

  1. Is it possible to get in touch with the photographer? I am available @GibranAshraf on twitter

  2. Om Prakash was one of the Best performers ever produced from Lahore. I would never forget his performance in ”Boot Polish” A contemporary of singer/actor G. M. Durrani from Lahore.

  3. Reading about the house of Om Parkash in Pakistan reminded me of my house in the Lawarance Garden Road till 1947. During my visit to Lahore in 2004, I attempted to locate the house but could not find the house. If I visit Lahore again , I will again try to find it. Memories of Lahore and other towns where i spent my childhood are still fresh in my mind.
    Iqbal Singh.

    • Mr.Iqbal Singh! I am really very very sad about your lost home and I can literally imagine your childhood in that alleys and streets of that area.
      I pray that soon you will find your lost home in that streets, SO BEST OF LUCK for that and if YOU want any HELP from ME I am always there as I also live in Lahore

  4. Can anyone provide more information about late Om Prakash’s life in Lahore?

  5. Muhammad Saleem

    MY father purchased this house in 1970 and saled out in 1990.
    this is realy a beautiful,airy,and strong house. i love this house.

    • I still have the registry of your next house as my nana ji was neighbouring sh. Om prakash ji……..nice to see this house and may be my nana ji house is just opposite your house

      • Hi , i am researching on old buildings of Walled city lahore. the house that i have find out as of Om parkash sahib is different. i can send u a picture. can u please share a picture of that registry which can show proprty num? thanks

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