Govt. Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore




Govt. Islamia College Railway Road Lahore was founded in 1892 by the Anjuman-i-Himayat-i-Islam, the oldest of the three colleges was one of the focal points for the Pakistan Movement. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, visited this college to address and confer with its students. Graduates and students of this college are referred to as “Habibians” after the name of the college’s oldest and central building.

Photo by: Shiraz Hassan



27 responses to “Govt. Islamia College, Railway Road, Lahore

  1. I had the honor of studying there for couple of years during 1961/63 before moving to GC. What a great institution with dedicated teachers like Pof. Salik.

    • Many thanks for the comment. Please share your old photographs of the college if you have any. Best regards.

      • dear one i am an old student of islamia college railway road lahore
        i ws science student non medical, my session was 19641965, i miss my past college fellows, mostly friends dispersed, is there any way i trace my past college fellows via internet help requested my email add ress is
        naseem ahmed khan

    • salam bajwa, im naseem ahmed khan ex student of islamia college railway road lahore, my session was 1964 1965, i was student of fsc non medical
      my professors were, jamil akhter,hayi of math,of course prof salik was great professor,i miss my good college mates like farhat yar khan, tahir ahmed, sagheer ahmed, razi udin bukhari, zaighamand waheed oppalmy mobile is03212712586, my fix phone is 034282912, my email is

    update your knowledge and find good technology information
    just visit The Education Info (dot) com

    the page for all islamia college students please must visit

  4. friends of lahore, im past student of islamia college railway road lahore
    session 1964 1965 science group, i lost my contacts with my class mates
    in 1965,names of my class mates aRE: farhat yar khan, tahir ahmed, sagheer ahmed,razi uddin bukhari,khalil ahmed, mohammed saleem from Ra bazar, farhat yar khan was from allama iqbal road, i recall my friends of lahore kindly contact me, my email is, mobile is 3122435988
    fix phone is 5403717, my home adress in karachi is 70-c 11 comm street DHA phase-2 karachi/pakistan

  5. i am also searching my very senior professors of islamia college railway road lahore, :prof. jamil akhter , and prof:chaudhry jameel, any body knowing kindly inform me about contact info with above kind professors please help
    naseem khan email
    mobile 03122435988 my fix phone is 09215403717 karachi/pakistan
    mystreet address 70-c 11 comm strett dha ext-2 karachi/pakistan

  6. Mohammad Nawaz Janjua

    Name : Mohammad Nawaz Ahmed Janjua
    Class : FSc (Medical Group)
    Roll No. : 200
    Section : C
    Session : 1973-1975
    Current Address: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
    Mobile : 00966-506028095
    Email : &
    Skype : MohammadNawazJanjua

    I want my dear class mates to contact me. Thanks & Wassalam.

  7. Rizwan-Ul-Haq

    i m was also a student of Islamia College Railway Road And was studding in FSc Pre Engg. Session 1987-1988

  8. hello rizwan ul haque i m naseem ahmed khan from karachi/pakistan, i m ex student islamia college railway road lahore, im happy to see you here
    please try to meet me my email is, my mobile is 0312-2435988, my home address in karachi is 70-c 11 street dha karachi
    please meet we will refresh our good days whic we spent in islamia college
    naseem ahmed

  9. Very happy to hear about u which section u was i was in N5 section i think Mr.Jamil was Physics teacher

    rizwan let us meet again my mobile is 03122435988rizwan no idea about my section,plzemail me, i will reply soon, im also on facebook add me as friend, rizwan please try to see as soon as possible to refresh memories of past ok,you can even post me lettertcs or postal mail ok love n regards

    • Naseem Sb
      thnx for reply but i think our session was different I was in 1987-1988 session and i think you was earlier session .

  11. ok rizwan. it make no difference ifour study session was different, i want to know about my senior lecturers and professors, including jamil akhter
    jamil chaudhry,etc ok naseem ahmed khan/0312-2435988

  12. Riaz ul Haque Imami

    I am proud to be a past student of Islamia College, Railway Road Lahore. I did join the college in 1947 and got my BSc in 1951,(panjab University).

    • Dear Riaz Sb., my father was a student of Islamia College in 1946. Maybe you know him. His name was Zaki Butt. He was a personal bodyguard to Jinnah.

  13. im naseem ahmed khan ex student fsc non medical of islamia college railway road lahore session 1964 1965, searching friends of same session, my email is

  14. Javed Mukhtar Ch.

    I m javed mukhtar Ch, i was also student of islamia college Railway road LHR.My session was 1987-1989 .My subject were Stat. Mathe.Eco.I was proctore.Now i m living in RWP.My E-Mail is cell# is 0334-4339456 .On facebook by my name Javed mukhtar Ch.

  15. Akhtar saeed
    I have been student of islamia College Railway Road,Lahore F.Sc session 1981-83 and B.A. 1984-1986.My e.mail is

  16. my name is m riaz minhas.igraduated from islamia college lahore in subjects were physics ,chemistry and english. my teachers were prof sh karim prof hameed baig and prof munnawar.looking for old class email riaz

    • Riaz ul Haque Imami

      I am a graduate (B.Sc) from Islamic College Railway Road Lahore. Studied from 1947 through 1951.
      I remember Profs. Shaikh, Hamid Ahmad Khan, Hamid Baig and A.Qayum and principle Taseer.
      Later on I got my MBBS, MSc, and PhD from other institutions.
      Presently in Florida and working as a Medical Examiner.
      May 10 2014

  17. I have the honour to study in this esteemed institution in 1955-56. The then principal was Col.M.Aslam…i am now in Islamabad in the Media field .My cell number is—0321-5023543 for those who want to contact me.

    • Assalamo Alakum yo all the students of Great Institution ie Islamia College Railway Road
      I feel proud of being the student of Islamia college and more of this that my father was the Principal of this institution Prof Abdul Haye
      I am now a days in Islamabad and my contact is 0341 444 666 9

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