All set for the sacrifice – a sheep on a motor bike

A Pakistani man holds a sheep on a motor bike after buying it in an animal market in Lahore on November 6, 2011. Eid, the festival of sacrifice, is celebrated throughout the Muslim world as a commemoration of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son for God, with cows, camels, goats and sheep are traditionally slaughtered on the holiest day.

Photo and text courtesy here

2 responses to “All set for the sacrifice – a sheep on a motor bike

  1. A common sight in this provincial capital! =) check out my post about Eid as well!

  2. So this is what the picture tells me.

    The man in back is on his way home to ziba karo allah ke naam pe the ungulate quadruped so lovingly cradled in his lap.

    The man in front riding the bike, however, in true Ibrahimi spirit, is soon to sacrifice his beloved son who is gazing at his father so trustingly. A True Believer, no? One who understands the real nature of sacrifice.

    As for myself, I sacrificed a visit to my regular watering hole this Eid and tanked up an a few pints of lassi instead. Allah be praised.

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