People and their Professions in Lahore – 1946


 Barber appraising growth on man’s face before giving him a shave in market place
 Butcher with large fan which he uses to fan cuts of meat in his stall in a market
 Food Stall in Market
 Goats loll around the feet of woman looking over fabrics at stall in market
 Man preparing meat and flower
 Man stirring food in large pot which has been heating over coals
 Man using a hand-cranked sewing machine to make clothes as he smokes a hooka pipe in his shop
 Meat Shop at Market
 Shopkeeper using balance scale to weigh portion of food for a customer in his food stall at market
Shopkeepers posing with others at their spice store stall in market area of the city

One response to “People and their Professions in Lahore – 1946

  1. The title of the sixth picture needs to be corrected, the person is tin coating the large pot and not stirring food. The charcol fire is for heating the pot. You can apply tin coating only when the metal is hot.

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