Black Sheep in Black Coats

By Kashif Chaudhry:

Lawyers are considered an educated community. However, recent events by upholders of this legal profession have mesmerized civil society and left our heads hang low in shame.

The lawyers, instead of following the law they have taken oath to safeguard, decorated the murderer Mumtaz Qadri with flowers on more than one occasion. Elsewhere, the black coats have been a regular part of pro-Qadri processions. They can be seen chanting slogans such as, “Qadri tere Jan Nisaar Beshumar, Beshumaar” and “Hurmat-e-Rasool par Jan bhi Qurban hai.” They were also one of the first to offer funeral prayers of Osama bin Laden, even though he was not a Pakistani and had done nothing except give the country bad name.

They never fail to shock us. Just a few days ago, lawyers spoiled the annual dinner function of the Lahore Bar Association. They shouted slogans against the invited guests and speakers, which included Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani. They booed at him constantly and ignored all requests by the PM and the organizers to calm down. The PM was forced to cut his speech short and leave the function. Even kindergarten kids behave more maturely than our black coat community did.

And to celebrate their happiness at humiliating the Prime Minister, the lawyers brought in a professional dancer for a Mujra show later the same day. The dancer was the only professional person at the gathering of what can clearly be seen as a frustrated bunch of lawyers, trying to pounce on the sole girl, prevented by organizers who had to push them to the sides.

Pakistan’s lawyer community has disappointed us enough. Far from being civil, cultured and professional, they have consistently displayed hypocrisy and ignorance. On the one hand, they speak of dying for the prophet and on the other, they can be seen doing the same for a dancer. “Hurmat-e-Rasool” and “Sheela ki Jawani” are perfectly compatible for this “bunch of losers”, which is a term fast becoming synonymous with the legal profession in Pakistan. What a shame!

If there is one thing darker than their coats, it is the actions of our lawyers. They have a lot to prove in the days ahead.

2 responses to “Black Sheep in Black Coats

  1. Very nice article and everything written is nothing but the true picture of lawyers…. Actually I think it’s not just the lawyers, everyone is the same and this is because ignorance from the true teaching of Islam….. May Allah help them… anyways Good job Khasif

  2. And to think that this is the lot from which a Chief Justice of Pakistan will one day rise……….!!!

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