Shaheed Bhagat Singh at Lahore Railway Police Station

Shaheed Bhagat Singh photographed secretly at Lahore Railway Police Station, during his first arrest 29 May to 4 July 1927 – in connection with Lahore Dussehra Bomb Case (25 Oct 1926) with Gopal Singh Pannu DSP, CID Lahore.

Posted by:  Shiraz Hassan

7 responses to “Shaheed Bhagat Singh at Lahore Railway Police Station

  1. words cannot express the gratitude for letting the glimpse of real man.

  2. Baghat Singh is still a symbolic leader for revolutionaries

  3. The only person from Punjab who was really great. Otherwise most of so-called “great” persons of Punjab have greatness imposed on them.

  4. those who demanded pakistan they got it just bcs this great man is not alive at that point of time.

  5. Bhagat Singh is still living and will live for ever as an IDOL for future generations.
    I will not say thanks for this great deed bcoz this will a too short word.

  6. This great son the soil deserves all the respect and praise possible. It is shameful that we have not honored him by putting up a monument in his memory. Irrespective of his religion the fact remains that he contributed towards our freedom struggle.

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