The Water and Power Development Authority was created in 1958 to develop Pakistan’s water and energy potential.  The WAPDA Building, located at Lahore’s Charing Cross, shares views of the Summit Minar and Punjab Assembly Building along with the Masonic Lodge, Shah Din and Alfalah Buildings.  It is one of the icons of the city’s architectural landscape.

The WAPDA Building was designed by the American Architect Edward A. Stone and completed in 1960.  Until about a decade ago, the building also housed, below the ground floor, the Saloo’s Restaurant.  With that closed, the public’s entry into the building is restricted.  I’ve had the chance, once or twice, to visit the building and never fail to take pictures of it when I can (though Architect Rana Atif Rehman has done a good job documenting its exterior).  I’m posting two for your distraction.

12 responses to “WAPDA House

  1. Thank you for putting WAPDA House on Lahore Nama. It is one of the few well kept government office buildings in Lahore. It is in better now after the introduction of controlled access. Earlier on when the entry was free for all, the interior was always crowded with noisy visitors.
    However, the exterior appears to be in conflict with its surrounding buildings like Punjab Assembly, Shah Din Building and Masonic Lodge. If I have it my way I would get both WAPDA House and Alfalah Building exterior redone to be in harmony with other three graceful buildings. The Alfallah Building exterior is in complete conflict with its next door graceful building where Feroze Sons Book Shop is located. No consideration has been given, at the time of giving approval of the building plans, to the keep the outlook consistent with the surroundings.

  2. I had the luxury of going into the Wapda House a few times and was surprised to see the grand interior. It was crowded and noisy which I hope is under control. Allowing everyone into the building will obviously play havoc on the interior and the building will deteriorate much faster. Good move on Wapda’s part to limit those allowed into the building.

  3. Little correction here. The architect is Edward Durell Stone.

  4. Soldier Bazari

    I used to eat at Saloo’s forty years ago. Best Beef Strogonoff I have ever eaten in my life!

  5. Engr. Muhammad Azam, Joya

    Wapda House is areal jewel in the Lahore’s Crown, A buildind which was commissioned in March 1968 after razing the old Jodha Mal Building to ground, is yet well and properly maintained. I salute the Wapda House Management for their care for the Building…Its exterior comprise wash terrazo tiles with a specific pattern. I like the pegeon holes around the Buiding and Sunken Garden in front of it

  6. Abdul Nasir Mughal

    Kindly let me know who was the designer/architact for this building??

  7. Engr. Muhammad Azam Joya

    Mr. Edward D. Stone of 7-East 67th Street New York was Architect of this Building, whereas it was Structurally designed by Wapda;s own Engineers.

  8. Abdul Nasir Mughal

    Thanks Mr.Joya

  9. shaukat hussain

    Thanks for this form, let anyone know me pl that is it true that all the power companies are again converted in to wapda thanks again

  10. Dear Shaukat, There is no such proposal like this, Even Secretary W&P visited wapda house yesterday and nothing like converting all companies back to wapda was discussed.


  12. Was this not where the residence of Late Rai Bahadur Ram Saran Das was

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